Ep. 000 – Introducing My Food Job Rocks podcast

Why does your Food Job Rock?

This and many other food related questions are the things we ask the passionate people we interview here.

This podcast is to celebrate the people who make our food and show aspects of the food industry people don’t really think about. It recognizes the unsung heroes that make your food what it is today.

I’ll be saying a small blurb at the beginning of each episode about updates going around and about the people we interview.

If you are interested in the many career options in the food industry, this podcast is for you.

We not only show you what people do, but why they love what they’re doing. You are going to realize, that these are people who truly love food and are so proud to be in this industry.

Whether it’s chocolate, butter, granola bars or bacon, you will see a first hand, personal experience on what these passionate people do for a living. The jobs, ranging from managers to chefs to writers, each put their own little ingredient in the boiling pot which is the food industry.

We interview young people straight out of college, and older people who’ve had a couple years in the industry, and then some retired people who still do their work with food.

This podcast would not be possible with the help of an amazing company called FoodGrads. If you are truly interested in not only learning about the food industry, but also have the opportunity to get a job in the industry, be sure to go to their website at

I’ll be seeing you guys every Monday early in the morning. We have plenty of channels you can download this but always make sure to check the FoodGrads blog as the kind of central hub for this podcast.

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