Ep. 003 – Being a Food Mercenary with Brian Chau, Food Technologist from the Helmsman Group

So today we are going to talk about consulting (kind of).

Consulting happens when you have a bunch of connections and they know you are good at what you do. In Brian’s case, he works for a consulting company called the Helmsman Group a company many organizations trust to launch their food products for retail sales.

About the Company:

At The Helmsman Group, we look at the big picture to understand how our recommendations will affect the company as a whole. We strive to offer you the best advice not just for the present, but that will also grow with your business far into the future.

While we strive to understand the implications for every action on your company as a whole, we are meticulous in our attention to detail to ensure that there are no loose ends as we work through all changes with your organization.

About Brian Chau

Taken from the Helmsman Group Website

Brian serves as Food Technologist for The Helmsman Group. He handles product development, quality, food safety and regulatory aspects for client projects. By taking client feedback, he will serve to make client ideas become reality and ensure the product falls under regulations and food safety parameters. His research and development experience draws from his time at Mattson and Ghirardelli Chocolate Company and his quality assurance experience stems from his work at Kerry Ingredients.

His alma mater is the University of California, Davis where he earned his Food Science and Technology degree, HACCP certification and ServeSafe Food Handler’s Certificate. He earned an opportunity to travel to Japan to intern at Kagawa University for Food Toxicology and Technology during the summer of 2013.

Any time is Chau Time, as long as Brian Chau is here. Food scientist, fungal fanatic and charismatic chemist, at your service. Brian is very passionate about fungi, having come up with his own fungal puns because mushrooms are not to be truffled with. Aside from fungal hobbies, Brian is an assistant editor to the NCIFT Hornblower and an educator having been a tutor for 8 years and a volunteer teacher for Stanford SPLASH program for 3 sessions.

What We Talk About

UC Davis
That tea from dubai
Mushrooms in a box
Expo West
Lorrie Colwin
Eating with Friends and Talking about Eating
Candy Caps
Chicken Adobo
Dandelion Chocolates
Quebec Canada

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