Ep. 004 – Butter Makes Everything Better with Taryn Yee, Food Technologist from Safeway/Albertsons

This episode’s a funny one, I interview Food Technologist Taryn Yee (no relation) from Albertsons/Safeway and we reminisce on the good times and get kind of obsessed with Pad Thai.

About Albertsons (from Wikipedia):

In January 2015, Albertsons acquired Safeway Inc. for $9.2 billion. The newly merged company has more than 2,200 stores and over 250,000 employees, which makes it the second largest supermarket chain in North America after Kroger, which has 2,424 stores. Prior to the merger it had 1,075 supermarkets located in 29 U.S. states under 12 different banners. Its predecessor company, Albertsons, Inc., was sold to Albertsons LLC (a Cerberus Capital Management-led consortium), CVS Pharmacy, and SuperValu Inc. in 2006. CVS acquired the freestanding drugstores while the Cerberus-led consortium (Albertsons LLC) and Supervalu (New Albertsons, Inc.) divided the supermarket divisions among themselves. After selling the majority of its stores to various buyers, in January 2013, Albertsons LLC, acquired SuperValu’s remaining Albertsons stores, as well as its ACME, Jewel-Osco, Lucky, Shaw’s and Star Market brands, in exchange for $100 million in cash and $3.2 Billion in SuperValu debt. The sale was completed by March 2013. The company’s corporate name was Albertson’s until 2002, when the apostrophe was removed.

About Taryn

Taryn has her Bachelors in Food Science and a Masters in Dairy Science from Cal Poly. She’s worked in a bunch of companies including Albertsons, Land o Lakes, startups and restaurant jobs. She was very involved in college and you should also be involved in college!

Key Takeaways

-What are Copackers
-Why the Food Science Major is really fun
-Acronyms in the Food Industry

What We Talk About
Mama Papa Luthuanian Cuisine
Alameda Library
The Deal
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
Building 24
Masters of Professional Studies (Dairy)
IFTSA Disney Competition
Land o Lakes
Condensed Butter
Monster Energy
Red Cups from Starbucks
Natural Color vs Artificial
Giant Microwaves
How microwaves work
A watched pot never boils
If you give a mouse a cookie
Chopsticks – How to use chopsticks
Training chopsticks
Pad Thai Fish sauce, Malagang root, tamarind
Mango Sticky Rice

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