Ep. 006 – Achieving World Peace with Dr. Howard Moskowitz, CSO of Mind Genomics (and more)

In this amazing episode Adam talks to Dr. Howard Moskowitz, C.S.O. of Mind Genomics and personal hero of Malcom Gladwell.

About Mind Genomics

Mind Genomics is an empirical, scientific way to identify how people subconsciously respond to aspects of everyday experience. More simply put, Mind Genomics works to sequence a consumer’s brain, layer by layer. This creates a ‘template’ that predicts how someone will feel about new products, services, and messages. This map can then be used as a baseline to predict how other individuals will react. No other science offers this kind of insight.

You can see why Mind Genomics is a hot topic in the food industry. It produces a dramatic “lift” in customer response by going beyond customer preferences and lifestyles. Instead it provides direct insight into what consumers are thinking – even when they don’t know how to articulate their preferences.

About Dr. Howard Moskowitz

……….someone who I think has done as much to make Americans happy as perhaps anyone over the last 20 years, a man who is a great personal hero of mine: someone by the name of Howard Moskowitz, who is most famous for reinventing spaghetti sauce
-Malcom Gladwell, Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce, Ted Talk, September 2006.

Dr. Howard Moskowitz is a well-known experimental psychologistand an inventor of world-class market research technology. He graduated from Harvard University in 1969 with a Ph.D. in experimental psychology. He has written/edited twenty-six books, published over 400 articles and serves on the editorial board of major journals.

He has many speaking engagements and does guest lectures at leading business schools and food science schools. His latest book with co-author Alex Gofman, Selling Blue Elephants (Wharton School Publishing) demonstrates and popularises how IdeaMap (i-Novation`s flagship product) creates new products and messages from areas as diverse as credit cards, jewelry offers, presidential messaging, stock market communications, and transnational innovation.

Awards and Accolades

Dr. Moskowitz has won numerous awards, among them the Scientific Director`s Gold Medal for outstanding research at the U.S. Army Natick Laboratories, and the 2001 and 2003 awards by ESOMAR (European Society Of Market Research) for his innovation in web-enabled, self-authored conjoint measurement, and for weak signals research in new trends analysis and concept development.  In 2004, Dr. Moskowitz was elected as an IFT Fellow, and was awarded the “David R. Peryam Award”, from ASTM, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of basic and applied sensory science.

In 2005, Dr. Moskowitz was awarded the Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award for his substantial contributions and dedication to the advancement of marketing research practices. Most recently, he is the recipient of the ARF Research Innovation Award and The Market Research Council Hall of Fame Award, both in 2006. From November 2004 to November 2006, Dr. Moskowitz appeared weekly on ABC News Now as the Food Doctor. His segment highlighted the most innovative and interesting aspects of the food industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Why different people like different things (and not just food)
  • An example of someone zigging while everyone zags
  • How to use Moskowitz’s principle to achieve world peace

 What we talk about

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