Ep. 008 – Food Writing with Eve Turow Paul, Author of Generation Yum

In this episode, I interview Eve Turow Paul about her amazing writing career and the importance of soil.

About Eve

Eve Turow Paul, author and consultant, has taken on a big challenge: understanding the preferences and trends of the mysterious Millennial. By taking a deep dive into the psychology of this generation, Turow has gained an understanding of their fears and desires, especially when it comes to food culture around the world. Through her book A Taste of Generation Yum: How the Millennial Generation’s Love for Organic Fare, Celebrity Chefs and Microbrews Will Make or Break the Future of Food, Turow has become, in our eyes, an expert in Millennials and their unparalleled fascination with food.

Turow approached the research for her book by interviewing high profile food writers and commentators including Anthony Bourdain and Michael Pollan, and feedback received directly from Millennials themselves. She provides fascinating insights in to Millennials obsession with food and their role in the future of food culture and policy, specifically in America. Through her studies Turow has been able to guide start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike in making sound decisions when it comes to Millennials. Her writings have been featured in The Chicago Tribune, Plate, Refinery29 and The Huffington Post.

Turow’s Career

Before her current position as Millennial Expert in Residence for Group SJR (a part of Hill+Knowlton Strategies), Turow worked as a contributing writer to the New York Times as well as with journalist and cookbook author Mark Bittman. Hard copies of her book can be found at retailers MacNally Jackson or Espresso Book Machine. E-book versions can be found at Apple Stores, Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, Google Play or Amazon!

Find out more about Eve on Twitter and Instagram at @EveTurowPaul and

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Key takeaways

  • How to meet Anthony Bourdain (and other important people)
  • How to turn writing into an amazing food job
  • Why dirt is so important

What we talk about

Generation Yum
Mark Bitman Food Columnist New York
Anthony Bourdain
Bonnie Wolfe, NPR
Generation Z
Old for Snapchat
The Recession
How technology is changing food
3D Printing

Voltaire cultivate your garden
Japanese custom knives
We need more farmers
Is your job fulfilling?

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