Ep. 012 – On Being a Research Chef with Kimberly Schaub, Innovation Manager at Lundberg Family Farms

So last week, I interviewed Andrea, a Food Technologist working for Lundberg Family Farm, and today, I’m interviewing someone from there too – her boss, a Product Developer and Research Chef at Lundberg! What are the odds?

And the meeting between her and I was a completely different scenario as well.

It started when I joined Podcaster’s Paradise to jumpstart my Podcasting experience and I saw a poster who looked familiar. I might have seen her on Linkedin actually. I clicked and she worked for Lundberg. I asked Andrea about her and what do you know, it’s her boss.

Yes, Kimberly King Schuab was in the same podcast course as I was, and we connected instantly. We realized we had a lot in common so we agreed to collaborate and interview each other. Her episode can be found in the show notes.

About Kimberly Schaub

Kimberly Schaub is a nutritionist, turned chef, turned product developer, working for Lundberg Family Farms in Richvale, CA. A former Air Force officer, Kimberly has explored a multitude of ways to use her nutritional science training, from running dining facilities to teaching college classes and even food writing. When she’s not in the test kitchen or running a sensory panel, Kimberly hosts the PeasOnMoss and The Culinologist Podcasts, volunteers for the Research Chef Association and Institute of Food Technologists, trains for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon, and rock climbs in picturesque Northern California.

About Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Family Farms, based in Richvale, California, in the United States, produces rice, chips, packages, and markets organic foods. It is family owned and has been a pioneer in organic farming, especially rice products. It was the first business to produce and market a brand of organic rice in the United States. Today it is one of the United States’ top brands of organic products, with 14,000 acres (57 km2) under management.

Key Takeaways

  • The magic behind Modernist Cuisine
  • Communicating between you and your co-packer
  • Why you can start something and others should follow
  • The art of being a product developer

What we talk about

Podcaster’s Paradise
The airforce
Research Chef Association
Graham Kerr
Seattle Culinary Academy
Modernist Cuisine
Lundberg Family Farm
Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (artisan food)
Most Important Skill: Mental Math and Excel spreadsheets
Granola Bars
Northwest Naturals
Cactus IFT
Culinology Program offered at a few industries
A Book called Culinology
Peas on Moss
Peas on Moss Podcast
Vegetarian Meats Substitutes
Acid Rain
Andrea Zeng
The Galloping Gourmet
Favorite Quote: Maya Angelou ‘Eating is so intimate’ 
Favorite Kitchen Item: Global knife Full Tang blade
Favorite Food: Thai Food – Pad Thai, Curry, Mango Sticky Rice
Best Advice: Always ask questions first
Culinologist Podcast
CFS – Certified Food Scientist

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