Ep. 015 – Choosing Between Work and Graduate School with Katie Lanfranki, R+D Technologist at South Coast Baking

I promise, this is the last Cal Poly alumni episode for a while (at least until episode 25)! But I gotta tell you about Katie Lanfranki. Katie is currently a Research & Development Technologist at South Coast Baking, Co. She is one of the most supportive, proactive people I’ve ever met. Katie’s a very inspiring person and she is super knowledgeable. In this interview, you’re going to see just how passionate and excited she is in her job. One of the most valuable pieces of information I’ve found in this interview is about the choice to choose between Graduate School or working in the industry (around 30 minutes in).

Katie has helped me in product development competitions, with lots of extracurricular activities and she has been extremely supportive in almost everything I do. She was one of my friends to whom I showed this podcast and she has been extremely helpful, before we even launched. As the podcast picked up momentum, she wanted to help out the FoodGrads cause, like I did. Together we’re working on some really cool campaigns that will launch in the coming months.

She was all ready to go to graduate school, and then, decided not too. And she brings some amazing insight on doing this.

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About Katie Lanfranki

Beginning her undergraduate education as a Mathematics major at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Katie quickly discovered she sought a major that allowed for more creativity and innovation. Taking a leap of faith, she transferred majors to Food Science due to her love of food and understanding that the necessity of eating would likely promise job security. She quickly discovered the multidisciplinary major was a perfect match, as it allowed her to dip her toe into numerous subjects while constantly getting to try new foods and feed her inner foodie. In her current role, she develops, as well as maintains, the development of new and improved products. With a love for learning and passion for food, Katie loves to dive into all facets of the food industry.

About South Coast Baking

South Coast Baking is a wholesale manufacturing company in the frozen dough industry. The company does everything from co-manufactured, custom formula cookies, to innovative panning systems. South Coast Baking sets the standard for delivering the highest quality and lowest possible cost in the frozen cookie dough industry. South Coast Baking’s mission is to produce the highest quality product at the lowest cost. Their philosophy will always be
to take care of its customers’ needs, one cookie at a time.

Key Takeaways

  • Why you will never get bored in the food industry
  • Why we talk about In-and-Out So much
  • How important it is to get Involved in College
  • Why Katie decided to choose a job first over graduate school

What We Talk About

Frozen Cookie Pucks
Triangle Tests
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Episode 5
Wellness Conference
Important Skill: Patience and a Passion for Learning
The Recession
Open-Door Policy
3D Printing
Packaging Minor
Favorite Kitchen Item: Rubber Spatula
Stuff You Should Know
How Umami Works
How Caffeine Works
America Test Kitchen
Milk Street Kitchen
Favorite Food: Ketchup with French Fries
Well-done In-and-Out fries
In and Out That’s what a hamburger is all about
Advice for students: Get Involved
IFTSA Chapters
Continental Mills


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