Ep. 017 – Why Phil believes in the RCA, with Philip Saneski, President of the RCA Student Committee

Today we have Philip Saneski, an inspiring, young, proactive, dude who has recently been working hard to build up the Research Chefs Association Student section.

Philip works in an innovative consulting company in San Francisco as an intern, has experience as a pastry chef and, as a student, during the school year, he is involved quite heavily in the Research Chef’s Association (RCA).

You might remember the Research Chefs Association or Culinology program in episode 12, where Kim Schaub talks about her experiences. Her podcast features culinologists from the RCA.

Enjoy the interview! Phil really shines a light on everything the RCA has to offer.

About Philip Saneski

Philip has culinary experience working in San Francisco Chronicle’s ‘Top 100 Bay Area restaurants’, and Michelin star kitchens as a line cook on multiple stations, as a Pastry Chef for an upscale hotel, at AQ Restaurant, a James Beard Award finalist for ‘Best New Restaurant in the Country’ and most recently Bob’s Well Bread Bakery, named one of the ‘Top 15 Small Town Bakeries in the Country’ by Travel & Leisure magazine. In addition to being a certified wine sommelier, Philip has expanded his palate by working for award-winning chefs in Portland and Austin. As President and Co-Founder of the Research Chefs Association Student Committee, he is passionate about providing long-term food industry careers to talented students who are able to combine food science and culinary arts – what he calls ‘extending the shelf life of chefs’. Interested students can find out more about these R&D opportunities through his Student Committee team’s student-run blog The Culinologist: Creating the Future of Food.

Philip’s extensive pastry experience and volunteer involvement for non-profit organizations led to a coveted internship at a San Francisco Bay Area-based food science product development consultancy, A LA Carte Connections, LLC. During his time as an intern, he became even more enthralled with developing future food products. From gluten-free baked goods to no-bake energy bars, from plant-based proteins to cricket flour. He says that representing innovative start-ups as well as established global corporations is (thankfully) never the same.

Whether Philip’s balancing school with early mornings as a Pastry Chef or in R&D, everyday his Food Job Rocks! He wants all food interested students to feel the same enthusiasm by making them aware of the numerous career paths available beyond the restaurant kitchen. In March 2016, Philip was given the Research Chefs Association President’s Award, the first student ever in the association’s 20 year history.

About the RCA

The Research Chefs Association is the leading professional community for food research and development. Its members are the pioneers of the discipline of Culinology® – the blending of culinary arts and the science of food.

Key Takeaways

  • More insight about the world of RCA/Culinology
  • Phil’s awesome tagline and love of crazy desserts
  • How you might benefit if you join the RCA Student Association

What We Talk About

Rachel Zemsher
Pastry Chef
A La Carte Connections
The Village Pub
AQ Restaurant and Bar
Allan Hancock
Granada Bistro
Bob’s Well Bread
Research Chefs Association
RCA Conference
Sous Vide
RCA President, Catherine Proper
Culinology Magazine
Chocolate Beet Cake
Phil in 5 Years: Somewhere Innovative
Kite Hill
What Phil Looks for in a Job: Opportunity
Mark Crowell, CuliNex
RCA Student Committiee
Favorite Kitchen Item: Quenelle Spoons
Thomas Keller
Advice: Work Backwards
Peas on Moss

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