E6: R&D Chef Allan E. Williams on Product Development & Lobsters

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Chef Allan E. Williams is a seafood expert with 27 years experience as a chef, culinologist, teacher, author and product developer. In 2011 his co-authored book “Flavours of Prince Edward Island” won the Canadian Cook Book of the Year award. Today he is an R&D Chef and part of a multidisciplinary team at Canada’s Smartest Kitchen (CSK) where they provide end to end support to companies in bringing new food products to market.

Chef Allan’s involvement at Canada’s Smartest Kitchen is as varied as the food products he helps bring to market. He oversees Food Product Development and Ideation processes, Tradeshow Coordination, Sensory Evaluation and Recipe Re-Formulation and provides Corporate Chef Services.

This interview is one of a series that we’ll be producing with Canada’s Smartest Kitchen because they highlight the wide range of opportunities available at every stage of the product development and marketing life cycle. Chef Allan talks about the value that CSK has brought to numerous organizations by finding new ways to process and pack fresh food products. He also discusses how he became a Research and Development Chef after years as a restaurant chef, and gives some great advice if you want to pursue a career in this field.

What We Talk About

Look out future interviews with Canada’s Smartest Kitchen employees for more great insights.

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