Marina Chan, Culinary Talent Recruiter (Facebook)

Company: Flagship @ Facebook

Years worked in current role: Almost 2

Years of experience in food industry: 9

In 300 characters or less describe your job:

Ever changing. I handle job fairs, sourcing and recruitment. I get to interact with Global Directors for the Culinary Program daily and it’s exciting. I interview and talk to people who are ‘green’ to having 20+ years in the industry who come from a variety of backgrounds and specialize in different areas. Stages are important and we continue to hold that tradition here on campus. All our recruits go through a series of interviews before getting to the stage. I help with job descriptions, open enrollment, Servsafe programs, safety meetings, and outreach with local culinary schools.

What are the top 3 characteristics you need to be good at your job:

  1. Be bold and fearless
  2. Original
  3. Adventurous

Why did you decide to pursue a career in food?

I have always loved food from a very young age. For as long as I could remember we always grew fruit and veggies at home and used them to cook meals with. I think that’s where my love and appreciation for food came from. I knew that I wanted to enter the industry when I grew up. After graduating from high school I went to culinary school, absorbed everything I could and always stayed late to learn more. I worked a few years as a savory cook in country clubs and then moved into Pastry. When I came to Silicon Valley I knew I needed a change and that’s when I started looking into corporate dining. Wow! Very different world. My managerial skills and knowledge in the kitchen landed me a job as a Recruiter.

Top 3 advice tips for students and new grads coming into the industry  

  1. NEVER stop learning!
  2. Be open to new techniques and ideas
  3. Be humble

Tell us why your Food Job Rocks?

My Food Job Rocks because I landed my dream job. I work on site at the worlds largest social media company in the world. I get to interact with people from all walks of life while making an impact on those around me. I get to experience a very unique work environment that empowers individuals especially women.

Favourite quote?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Sheryl Sandberg

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