Students and New Graduates, Love Food? Join FoodGrads!

When we started FoodGrads, I was very clear about our intention; to develop a new platform for food educated people to connect with Food Industry employers and to provide a resource for food employers to search candidates with specific food education, training and experience easily. Through our blog, we provide a place to learn and share with a like minded network.

We said right from the start that we are listening to you and WILL adapt to meet your needs, so with that said we have ‘tweaked’.

Through our marketing efforts and #MyFoodJobRocks! campaign it became clear to us; the vast majority of people who go to college/university have no clue what they really plan to do when they leave. The feedback we have received (and the overwhelming conclusion that relates specifically to us) is that the majority of people working in food never had that intention, they were not even aware of the jobs available in the food industry, and to this day, that sentiment unfortunately remains.

I sort of fell into it at a young age and quickly realized that in uncertain economic times the fresh food industry will always provide employment, you can’t off-shore these jobs – Dave Shumka

The students and grads we have spoken to have confirmed this, which is why originally our site targeted those with food credentials, but we feel compelled to open this up for these reasons:

  • Its okay to change your mind!  Its okay to suddenly have an epiphany that food is your future! If we have had anything to do with encouraging you to pursue a career in food, then welcome home.
  • Depending on the nature of the opening, a candidate with a Degree in Engineering or Marketing for example (and a desire to work in the food industry) might be the perfect candidate for our food employer, so why limit the choice our food employers have?
  • Its our mission to create awareness around the variety of careers in food. If opening up our network–allowing people to see what we’re all about and read personal stories from students, new grads and industry professionals–attracts people to a variety of professions within the industry….fantastic!

To conclude, who should sign up to FoodGrads?  Anyone from anywhere who has graduated from college or university with food related credentials–culinary, food science, food engineering, nutrition, research, agribusiness, processing, bloggers–literally anything ‘Food’ you are in the right place.  For those who just decided that food is their future, or want to explore the vast array of options available, we are so happy to welcome you too.

Food employers from all sectors within the industry will be using FoodGrads (Canada, US,UK and growing), so this is the place to be to start your career in food.

Check out #MyFoodJobRocks! to read the feedback from a variety of people in food, and don’t miss our regular posts from HR pros and recent grads offering advice and sharing their own stories. 

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