FoodGrads Podcast Ep 08: Job searching and interviewing in the age of Covid with Nicole Gallace and Dr.Darin Detwiler

Welcome to episode 8 of the FoodGrads podcast. The podcast where we explore careers in the food, beverage and hospitality industries. I’m your host Veronica Hislop a molecular science graduate student and career partner with FoodGrads.

This week’s episode is a special one because I am sharing a conversation from Nicole and Dr. Darin Detwiler, LP.D., M.A.Ed., the Assistant Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies on interviewing and applying for jobs in the age of COVID. This episode was originally published on the FoodGrads Youtube channel but I thought the conversation was so insightful that I had to share it here.

Don’t worry we will be back with our regular programing next week. But maybe if this is something that is popular enough we can do more episodes like these. If that is something you enjoy then reach out to me at my email

Now onto the show

Show Notes

Show notes coming soon

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