FoodGrads Podcast

The FoodGrads Podcast takes you on a fascinating journey into the hearts and minds of the amazing people who work in the food, beverage and hospitality industries. From Food Scientists to Farmers, Chefs to the Plant, QA Technicians to Dietitians, R&D to Sales, no matter what your passion–there’s something for everyone in Food–we’ll help you find it!

We share insights from professionals at all stages in their careers. Find out what they do, why they do it and how they change the world one day at a time. Featuring weekly episodes every Monday with your host Veronica Hislop this podcast will showcase careers and opportunities you didn’t even know existed!

Want to find an episode?  This page is a directory of all of the episodes we produce.

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List of Episodes

Katrina Pukitis – Winery Laboratory Technician with Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate

Chefs Warren Ford and Riley Bennett – Professors and Course Coordinators at George Brown College

Lori Stahlbrand and Caitlin Scott – Professors at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario.

Danielle Szostak – the Director of Product Development at Give and Go Prepared Foods

Danielle Collins – Economic Development Policy Analyst at Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Michelle Lang – Food Scientist

Trish Paterson – CEO of Copper Branch Foods

Fatema Bastawala – Quality Assurance and HACCP Specialist at Toppits Foods.

Karen Cardona – Founder and Owner of True Leaves Consulting

Ridhima Phukan – Associate Product Developer at Danone

Veronica Hislop – Molecular Science Graduate Student and Career Partner with FoodGrads

Bernard Verkaaik- the Founder and Operating Manager of the Greater Goods

Sarah Condruk – Marketing Coordinator at Give and Go Prepared Foods

Dr. Amy Proulx- Academic Program Coordinator of Culinary Innovation and Food Technology at Niagara College

Amelia Laplante – Research and Development Scientist at Yoso

Aylene Peter – QA/RA liaison at the Canopy Growth Corporation.

Nicole Gallace and Dr. Darin Detwiler, LP.D., M.A.Ed., the Assistant Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies

Victor Muliyil- Technical Director of the Risk Optimization Resource Centre

Elizabeth Hagerman – Food Scientist at the Warrell Corporation

Sashana Chattoo-Edwards – Quality Assurance Technician at Waterloo Brewing Company.

Sonya Turvey- R&D Packaging Project Lead at PepsiCo

Sean Xia- Manager of Operations & Quality with Clear Ocean Seafood

Joe Baker – OTEC’s Systems Leadership and Integrated Strategy Advisor

Nicole Gallace – FoodGrads Founder