FoodGrads Education Partnership

Here’s an opportunity to amplify your academic programs to an audience
who are exploring careers in the food & bevarage industry

Educators Profile Page

When you become an Education Partner you will have your own profile
page on the FoodGrads site.

We encourage you to share the login details with your team, especially
marketing & communication team members who are typically responsi-
ble for adding videos, advertising events and generally update your web-
site with new information.

People who visit the FoodGrads website will be able to find your profile
based in their interests in the food and beverage industry. When you set
up your page it’s important that you check all the categories that apply.

We are engaging with grade 11 & 12 students as well as post-secondary,
our goal is to amplify your programs, events and news to a wider audi-
ence interested in a career in food and beverage. You’ll be able to moni-
tor the analytics from your dashboard.

Remember, the industry requires people with all different educational
backgrounds and experience—from salespeople to finance, HR to sci-
ence, engineers to business leaders—and we need them all!

We’ll provide a cobranded logo, for you to add to your website so your
students and grads can find us!

‘The Tasting Room’ Virtual Networking Events
(November & April)

Our virtual events are an easy, accessible way for students and graduates to network and connect with employers,for colleges and universities to
share information with students and parents about programs and campus life and for employers to learn about coop programs and hire new gradu-

Most employers do not have a graduate recruitment strategy, so FoodGrads fills this gap!

Digital Publications

Our education partners are promoted in the FoodGrads digital e-books for grades 11 & 12 and up. Through our partnerships and distribution partners
we make sure you are in front of young people who are deciding on their career path.

We direct people to your profile page on FoodGrads—the page where they can find out all about how YOU support their entry into the food and bever-
age industry!

These books cover different career focus area. They are jam packed with career profiles, articles by current students(FoodGrads Campus Ambassa-
and graduates as well as podcasts/videos.

Food Safety & Auditing
Social Media / Communications
Product Development / R&D
Supply Chain / Logistics

Finance & Accounting
Sales & Marketing
Operations / Production / Skilled Trades
Specific paths: Baker, Butcher, Cheese Maker, Brew Master & more
Human Resources / Health & Safety


Send us a 1-minute script that will be included pre or mid production to amplify your academic programs Our audience is students, graduates, new-
comers, employers and food industry stakeholders.

Podcast Mid-Roll Ad Guide

Do you want an entire podcast episode dedicated to your campus culture, academic programs,
alumni success stories or something else? We can do that….

Social Media Features

We will frequently share posts on our FoodGrads feeds to promote programs, events, scholarships and anything else! We are excited to support your
marketing efforts as a partner across our host of channels.

Combined reach 80,000 followers and growing!

FoodGrads Campus Ambassadors (FCA)

Your students can become FoodGrads Campus Ambassadors. what’s the benefit?

They are encouraged to become stewards of the industry, sharing their passion for food and beverage while explaining their educational path, and
especially the impact they wish to make.

We ensure their contributions are well presented and link back to promote your school/programs. Authentic storytelling, professionally executed to
benefit them as they start their career and credit the school they attend.


Let’s stay in touch! Our team will stay in touch continually to ensure you are aware of any new developments and to keep your students and grad-
uates involved in activities or events. We will also remind you to keep your profile page updated and send us any updates directly that we can then
turn into cool social media posts to support your efforts.

Any additional training, skill development, job fairs and mentorship sessions will be communicated too.

Add On’s

Dedicated Podcast Episodes

Dedicated episode promoting your school, a school event, opportunity, or specific program. Veronica will discuss with a member from your recruit-
ment or marketing team.

Another fun option is to have alumni join as a guest and speak about how their education set them up for a successful career!

Digital Publications

1/8 of a page advert (limited space) in one of the FoodGrads publications. These digital books are distributed to school boards, guidance councillors,
and partners (an example is AgScape who connects with over 4000 teachers across Canada).

Let’s plant the seed of a career in food and beverage and showcase the options they have regarding college and university programs, that will help
them start that journey.

Food Safety & Auditing
Social Media / Communications
Product Development / R&D
Supply Chain / Logistics

Finance & Accounting
Sales & Marketing
Operations / Production / Skilled Trades
Specific paths: Baker, Butcher, Cheese Maker, Brew Master & more
Human Resources / Health & Safety


4-day risk optimization onboarding training – instructor led.

There is huge demand for auditors and food safety professionals and one of the biggest complaints from employers is that candidates simply aren’t
trained correctly to implement effective programs, focus on recall avoidance and protect brands. Time and money is precious, and couple that with
existing labour shortages—we have a problem to solve!

Why choose a new approach?
 Existing food safety training is clause/checklist based – not focused on techniques and tool kits.
 Gap assessments of GFSI and PCQI scheme training has identified very poor trainee feedback.
 Lack of true understanding of risks and controls leads to misdirected money and personnel.

Meet Our Trainer – Victor Muliyil

Victor brings over 35 years of global expertise, offering leading edge, effective, learner-based training, advanced techniques, convenient tool kits, in-
novative procedure design and practical step by step, “how to do” audio-visual e-guides.

Risk Optimization is not a certification scheme; it is focused solely on expert, confidential training and technical support. You can select the focus area:
Food Safety, Animal Feed, Cannabis Safety.

Minimum 10 students

Ensure your students graduate with ‘real world, industry relevant’ training, so they can hit the floor running and bring value to employers from day 1.

Salary Report

Our HR solutions team, with over 20 years of expertise in food, beverage and agriculture will generate a yearly report focused on salaries for entry level
– 5 years, full time roles.The report includes salary negotiation tips, so your new graduates feel confident and knowledgeable as they embark on their career journey.


Our partners enjoy a 15% discount for products offered thorough our other talent solutions brands. Learn more by connecting with our sales team.

What Our Partners are Saying

“We are excited to be partnering with FoodGrads to help grow awareness among our students of the great jobs that exist in the food & bev-
erage industry and to help us promote our internship program to new employers”.

Lauren Starr Science Career Services Office, Western University

“We have a Food Grads Ambassador! Jennie helped organize a networking event on campus that was a lot of fun and well received by our
community. We love FoodGrads!”

Amy Proulx – Niagara College

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