FAQ Students/ Grads/ Experienced Professionals

What is FoodGrads?

FoodGrads is an interactive platform for the Food & Beverage Industry. We focus on closing the gap between students/recent graduates and employers. With a broader mission to attract and retain people to a meaningful career in food and beverage manufacturing.

From Food Scientists to Farmers, Chefs to Plant Managers, QA Technicians to Dietitians, R&D to Sales, no matter what your passion–there is something for everyone in Food–we will help you find it!

How can FoodGrads help me find a job?

We don’t just support your job search we help you map your career. There’s a big difference. We are an interactive platform focused on attracting people to the ever-expanding opportunities in the Food & Beverage Industry, celebrating the people and organizations, new and old, small and large.

We are not a job board–but we do have one here. Our job board is powered by www.careersinfood.com, and www.agcareers.com our sister companies which you can apply to directly.

Through our education partners package, you can access career fairs and mentorship sessions –Is your school is a member? If not, they should be!

How can FoodGrads help me decide what career path to choose?

There are so many options from farm to fork, along the entire supply chain. The hurdle is being aware of them. FoodGrads is a place to go where you can literally see all the options, choose one that interests you then dive in. Regardless of your entry point, there is something for everyone and we will help you find it, provide you with direction, advice, mentorship and support you in mapping your career.

Now we know life happens, things change, nothing is set in stone, so we can also support you if you decide on a different direction or are in a career transition. Taking all the knowledge and experience you already have and applying it elsewhere.

FoodGrads.com is for students, new graduates and professionals who want to connect with the industry for a variety of reasons. If you work in the Food & Beverage Industry (or want to) we know you will find value here. The crossover is the really cool thing. Chefs, Plant Managers, Marketers, Innovators, Scientists, Farmers, Brokers, Nutritionists etc. etc. interacting in one place, now doesn’t that sound like a place you need to be?

One more HUGE benefit, the food industry is not going anywhere. People are always going to need food, and as the global population continues to grow so can your career!

How do I become a FoodGrads Campus Ambassador (FCA)?

As a FG Campus Ambassador, you will be an advocate for the food and beverage industry by sharing the benefits of this growing industry with your peers.

You are invited to submit blogs/articles to be published on the FoodGrads ‘Digest’ page, take over the Instagram page for a day, join us at networking events, and represent FoodGrads on campus. In return, you’ll have some amazing bullet points for your resume to set you apart from your peers and can point future employers to published work you have done!

Email: FCA@foodgrads.com to learn more!

Are the companies FoodGrads represents good companies to work for? Where are they located?

Most companies do not have a specific student or graduate recruitment strategy in place. The reasons vary, but the most common is that the majority of employers in this sector are SME’s (small and medium enterprises) so they have limited resources.

SME’s can offer an excellent training ground. You can see different roles and work in different departments so you get to have a better understanding of the industry.

In a large organization, the chances are you will work in one department and gain a deeper understanding of that function, but what if you are not entirely convinced on the path you want to take, should you get to ‘try before you buy’ to a certain degree too?

We are advocating for you. There are good and bad employers in every industry, but we strive to keep employers who collaborate with FoodGrads accountable.

We support employers across North America and sometime even further!

How can I get involved with FoodGrads?

Thank you for asking We are bringing the industry together. We are connecting educators from grade 11 & 12 to post-secondary institutions to the food and beverage industry.

Having a deep focus in this sector, we know up to now it’s very siloed and segmented and each sector has associations and memberships. While we support and celebrate the range of associations (non-profits, government programs etc.) this can get confusing.

We are confident that a place to attract people to the industry as a whole, regardless of the entry point—then point them in the right direction—providing guidance and resources is missing, until now.

Back to your question, there are lots of ways to get involved but it depends on who you are.Are you a student, graduate, or jobseeker?

Are you a college, university, food or beverage association, non-profit organization, employer or stakeholder?
Please visit: FoodGrads Education Partners

Are you an employer looking for talent to join your organization? Please Visit:
Email: Partners@foodgrads.com to LEARN MORE