How can FoodGrads help me find a job?

We don’t just support your job search we help you map your career. There’s a big difference. We don’t consider ourselves a job board, while we certainly have a job board and search functionality, we are an interactive platform focused on attracting people to the ever expanding opportunities in the Food & Beverage Industry, celebrating the people and organizations, new and old, small and large.

Sign up for FREE, crate your profile, ‘Get Found’ now and start your career in food and stay with us, we would love to be your partner in this adventure!

How can FoodGrads help me decide what career path to choose?

There are so many options from farm to fork, along the entire supply chain. The hurdle is being aware of them. FoodGrads is a place to go where you can literally see all the options, choose one that interests you then dive in. Regardless of your entry point, there is something for everyone and we will help you find it, provide you with direction, advice, mentorship and support you in mapping your career.

Check out the ‘Careers in Food & Beverage‘ E-Book.

Now we know life happens, things change, nothing is set in stone, so we can also support you if you decide on a different direction or are in a career transition. Taking all the knowledge and experience you already have and applying it elsewhere.

This interactive platform is for students, new graduates and experienced professionals who want to connect with the industry for a variety of reasons. If you work in the Food & Beverage Industry (or want to) we know you will find value here. The crossover is the really cool thing. Chefs, Plant Managers, Marketers, Innovators, Scientists, Farmers, Brokers, Nutritionists etc. etc. interacting in one place, now doesn’t that sound like a place you need to be?

I've worked in the industry for years, what benefit is it for me to join FoodGrads?

So many benefits, where to start!

  • Job search, upload your resume, follow companies.
  • Get found by employers
  • Let this niche community know what you are looking for. Maybe you need an investor, a piece of machinery, someone to work on a project or can complete a specific project?
  • Let this niche community know what you would like to give. Maybe you want to become a mentor, provide training or give away free samples/food that might be wasted.
  • Find out about industry events, across all sectors remember we represent the food service AND food processing/manufacturing industry!

Are the companies you represent (FG Members) good companies to work for?

If a company has become a member of FoodGrads it means that they see the value in taking care of you! It means they see a value in attracting people to this wonderful industry and it means they want to support us so we can offer you guidance, mentorship, training and resources to support you as you start out but also through-out your career.

Small and mediums may not have as many resources as large companies who have an internal Graduate Recruitment Strategy, but they offer an excellent training ground. You can see different roles and work in different departments so you get to have a better understanding of the industry.

In a large organization, the chances are you will work in one department and gain a deeper understanding of that function, but what if you are not entirely convinced on the path you want to take, should you get to ‘try before you buy’ to a certain degree too?

We are advocating for you.  There are good and bad employers in every industry, but we strive to keep employers who subscribe to FoodGrads accountable.

The first issue we are working on is feedback after an interview.  Our hope is that all our employer members commit to providing feedback if they have spoken to you in person, done a face to face interview/zoom etc.  so you are informed of your candidate status during and at the end of the interview process.

How can I support the mission of FoodGrads to spread awareness and attract young people to pursue careers in this meaningful and important industry?

Become a FoodGrads Campus Ambassador, we would love to have you join us! Send me an email  and let’s talk about what you like to do. Do you like public speaking, analysis, cold calling in preparation for your sales career? What about content writing, photography or other media? Wherever your passion and curiosity take you, we have a place you can land. Plus, you are changing lives! All in a day’s work 🙂

I'm a third-party recruiter, can I buy a membership to FoodGrads?

Yes, you can purchase the Employer Membership package.