Become a FoodGrads Campus Ambassador (FCA)

FoodGrads is an interactive platform for the Food & Beverage Industry, focused on closing the gap between students, recent graduates and employers.

Our mission is to attract and retain people to a meaningful career in Food & Beverage.

The FG Campus Ambassador Program was designed to provide an opportunity for our students or recent graduates to showcase their talents and to develop real working experience with support from industry.

As a FG Campus Ambassador, you will be an advocate for the food service & food processing industry by sharing the benefits of this growing industry with your peers. 

You are a voice for food industry topics, sharing your food passion topics at campus or on FG social media channels.  You can tell your peers about the FG platform so they can educate themselves on the different career options, receive guidance, provide training while developing your leadership skills, etc. 

Most importantly, you can add FoodGrads Campus Ambassador to your LinkedIn profile and resume.

Your personal preferences and passions for food topics will definitely play the biggest part in your development.  Here are examples on how other FG Ambassadors are gaining experience using our platform:
  • Writing food industry related blogs on our social media
  • Presenting for 5-10 mins before lectures to talk with the class about the food industry
  • Creating food related YouTube videos to uncover different career paths and creating frequent blogs for our student and industry viewers
  • Creating flyers, graphics, marketing materials

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Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating all FG activities on campus and to educate students on career opportunities within the Food Industry. For example:
  • Lead student groups on all activities for a semester
  • Writing a blog or preparing a podcast on your favourite food related topics
  • Create graphics, flyers to distribute at school.
  • Monthly coaching on the food industry
  • Supporting Career Path development plans
  • Support and participate in FG public events

FG Ambassador Development Opportunities

  • Event co-ordination for FoodGrads activities
  • Provide support on FoodGrads marketing activities
  • Chairing FoodGrads events to further develop presentation and public speaking skills (optional)
  • Conducting research on food industry initiatives
  • Participating in social media activities
  • Blogging; YouTube Videos; Podcast;

Benefits for a FG Campus Ambassador

  • An advocate for the food industry utilizing an interactive FG Platform
  • Share your ‘voice’, what do you have to say?
  • Engagement with students and developing leadership skills
  • Developing a network within the food industry and building relationships across the industry
  • Mentorship to develop your own career path
  • Become a permanent member of the FoodGrads tribe!

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Our mission is to support the next generation of food industry professionals. Our broader priority is to attract forward thinking, socially conscious people to pursue a career in food.

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