About Us

FoodGrads is an interactive platform for the Food & Beverage Industry. We focus on closing the gap between students/recent graduates and employers. With a broader mission to attract and retain people to a meaningful career in food and beverage manufacturing.

From Food Scientists to Farmers, Chefs to Plant Managers, QA Technicians to Dietitians, R&D to Sales, no matter what your passion–there is something for everyone in Food–we will help you find it!

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The Education Partners program is uniquely designed to offer colleges and universities the opportunity to amplify their academic programs to an audience who are exploring careers in food & beverage manufacturing.

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Our goals include:

 Spread awareness of the different occupations available in Food & Beverage

 Support students/graduates starting their careers or during a job transition–a direct connection to the industry. Check out the Careers/Job Board Page

 A community for students, graduates, educators, and jobseekers entering the Food & Beverage industry.

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 Partnering with us supports our mission to attract, guide & develop the next generation of food & beverage industry professionals.