Embracing Servant Leadership in Food Processing with Gavin Johnston, Plant Manager at Veg Pro International Inc. and Owner of Redpath Strategies | FoodGrads Podcast Episode 78

Gavin Johnston is a Plant Manager at Veg Pro International Inc and Owner of Redpath Strategies. Veg Pro International Inc. is a recognized leader in the innovative farming and processing of lettuce and vegetables. They are known under the “Attitude Fraîche” brand, and their pre-washed lettuces are available in major grocery chains.

Gavin is a manufacturing leader with success in servant leadership, business transformation, strategic planning and operational excellence. He has extensive segment experience in the hospitality industry, snack foods, high and low-acidic beverages, bakery ingredients and dairy manufacturing, pet food manufacturing and supply chain. He a firm believer in continuous improvement at all levels from C-suit executives to manufacturing operators.

Show Notes


[2:40] What is VegPro

[4:15] What Gavin does as a plant manager at a food processing facility

[8:06] Gavin’s journey to how he became a plant manager

[17:00] How Gavin decided that he wanted to become a plan manager

[20:59] How Gavin developed his skills to become a plant manager

[28:21] What to do if your supervisor isn’t a good mentor or doesn’t have the time?

[29:46] What is servant mentorship and how Gavin came to embrace it

[38:34] The skills and qualities essential for someone aspiring to be a plant manager

[44:53] Things that Gavin might consider if he wanted to perform continuous improvement on a food production line.


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Gavin Johnston Quotes

I was encouraged to get into the food manufacturing business because my dad said that it’s pretty much a recession proof industry. So if you’re able to get a job in the food industry you have a job for life.

Gavin Johnston

I honestly thought that I wouldn’t make it as a plant supervisor. And I was ready to give up within the first week for sure. But I kept learning. I kept going back to the phrase, ask way too many questions. And I asked questions and I annoyed a lot of people and that was that was one part that really helped for me as I was just the annoying guy that asked a lot of questions.

Gavin Johnston

[When asked about finding a mentor] So I would say one, you either start looking for a mentor outside of the organization who you can rely on to help coach you through the situations you’re having at work. If you can’t find anyone outside of it, then I would honestly start looking for another company where, you know, that you can go in there and and get get mentored.

Gavin Johnston

Maybe it’s a bit of a controversial view, but I would always advise for for people leaving university or college or school. I would try and get into a bigger organization because typically not all the time, but typically the bigger organizations have. A ton of support networks and a ton of resources that you can that you can collaborate with.

Gavin Johnston

So, if I were to put it in in a real context in my everyday life my servant leadership mentality is a ton of active listening.

Gavin Johnston


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