Unwrapping the world of food packaging with Karen Aranha, Innovation & Commercialization Project Manager at The Hershey Company | FoodGrads Podcast Ep. 85

On today’s episode, we discuss the fields of packaging and project management, lessons learned in managing teams, and the importance of staying curious.

Our guest is Karen Aranha, Innovation & Commercialization Project Manager at The Hershey Company. Karen graduated with a Bachelors’s Degree from the University of Mumbai in Packaging and Printing Technology. After gaining some experience in the field she obtained a Master’s Degree in Packaging Science from Rochester Institute of Technology. After graduating, she worked for the Packaging Corporation of America as a packaging engineer, developing and executing merchandising displays and corrugated packaging. Her responsibilities included creating and implementing temporary displays and corrugated packaging for Hershey’s. Although she now works in project management for the food industry, she remains passionate about packaging and considers herself a “packaging geek.”


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[00:00] Introduction
[4:12] Karen’s career journey
[9:46] Speaking about a packaging engineering degree[14:31]

06:56 The Fascinating World of Packaging Engineering
21:11 The Transition from Packaging to Project Management
26:45 The Art of Coordination in Packaging Design
27:22 Project Management in Manufacturing
28:36 The Unconscious Journey into Project Management
29:12 The Importance of Team Dynamics
31:05 The Art of Time Management
34:28 Transitioning to Hershey’s and Commercialization of Products
39:01 The Journey into People Management
45:11 The Power of Taking Risks and Pursuing Curiosity
[50:12] Outro


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