Communicating Canadian food sector innovation and growth with Jamil Karim, Director of Communications at the Canadian Food Innovation Network | FoodGrads Podcast Ep. 87

About Jamil Karim

Jamil Karim  is the Director of Communications for CFIN. CFIN helps to fund transformative foodtech projects, stimulate collaboration, and foster a growing community of food and beverage professionals. They connect the Canadian food and beverage ecosystem to new ideas, opportunities, and technologies to increase collaboration and position Canada as a global leader in food innovation.

Jamil combines more than a decade of marketing and communications experience with a passion for helping people and companies tell their stories. He also has extensive experience working with industry, where he’s led media and community relations strategies for some of the country’s fastest-growing tech companies. Additionally, Jamil is deeply committed to having a positive impact on his community.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  • [0:00] Introduction
  • [1:43] Jamil’s career path
  • [6:57] Skills required in communication roles
  • [14:26] About CFIN
  • [23:15] Food tech innovation and collaboration in Canada
  • [26:36] Green-tech definition
  • [28:37] CFIN’s career hub
  • [34:45] Jamil’s research process
  • [38:05] Canadian innovation trends
  • [41:27] Challenges of implementing innovation
  • [44:35] CFIN funded startups
  • [48:58] Advice for students looking to innovate

    Jamil Karim Quotes

    I feel like food is this last frontier of  innovation. And the urgency around bringing new ideas and new technology to the food sector is ratcheting up to just the fact that we’re adding obviously more people across the globe, weather events are happening all over the globe, not just here. And there is this kind of gap where I feel like there isn’t enough innovation being used yet in the food sector. – Jamil Karim  

    If you need a source for a story then bother me. CFIN has over 4500 Members, I can find you a very niche specific solution provider or I can get you someone who’s a huge through tech company and everything in between. – Jamil Karim

    Cellular agriculture is a very cool new emerging industry here and this is not going to replace traditional agriculture. It’s just not. You just got to look at this from ‘how can we add to our food supply sustainably add to the food supply?’ because if we’re reliant on traditional processes, Then we are at risk from you know, like we talked about like weather patterns that can really disrupt the food supply.” – Jamil Karim

    Time is on your side when you are a new grad. You are not married yet you do not have kids your job is not like taking all the grants you got some use it this is the like opportune time for you to volunteer grow your network and get out there like take advantage of it for sure. – Jamil Karim  

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