6 Tips To Attract And Integrate The New Generation Of Talent Within Your Company

They want the company to be a “learning” organization, to have a voice and most of all to have purpose and meaning. To manage the millennials careers well, employers must first better understand what young people expect from their jobs today.

Their expectations have evolved and sometimes go against the preconceptions.

Not all of them are in a stricken job market: 77% are in an office role (against 51% in 2014). However, 48% do not exclude leaving their employer to start their own business.

“In 2015, only 8% of young graduates were planning to embark on an entrepreneurial venture,” points out Geraldine Segond, partner and associate HR at Deloitte. In view of the unprecedented expectations of representatives of generations Y and Z, organizations must listen more than ever.

“At the time of the advent of social networks, young people know how to make themselves visible to be seen elsewhere. Loyalty is therefore a key issue, “says Isabelle Bernard, HR Development Director at SGS (a company where young graduates represent 25% of the workforce).

But what makes the eyes of recent grads and young professionals sparkle? Here are 6 tips.

Talent Attraction Tip #1. Be sure to present your strengths

A company that wants to be competitive must think about what future candidates see as assets, and above all must know how to put its people first. If you are flexible in terms of scheduling, whether you offer the opportunity to travel or your business is located near public transportation, mention it when you post your job posting.

HR Director Kristi Barnes at Maple Lodge Farms actually worked with the council to get a bus stop near their facility as this was identified as a big issue for hiring. Sometimes you must think outside the box.

Feel free to be creative when it comes time to publishing a job opportunity. A catchy title and inspiring description will require a little more effort on your part, but will also yield better results. Bet on the culture of your company! Strong candidates want to know your values and what is unique about your organization to validate that you match what they are looking for.

Oh and don’t forget to utilize the resources available to you to make it easier for candidates to find you. The new FoodGrads job board–showcasing full-time, internships, summer jobs etc. for young professionals entering the food industry–is a great place to start.

Millennials, like other generations, care about their health and consider social benefits as an important decision-making factor when it comes to choosing a job. A healthy employee (mentally and physically) will have a greater commitment to the company they work for and will be more productive. This is especially true when the employer shows they are concerned about the well-being of their employees.

Talent Attraction Tip # 2. Democratize the management

Transparency and trust, that’s what aspiring young graduates are all about. “52% of people surveyed in our barometer believe that it is important that their business allows them to be autonomous,” says Geraldine Segond. Being a simple performer no longer meets the expectations of new entrants on the job market.

“Juniors are in demand of a participative management. They want to take part in decisions: their voice must count, ” Isabelle Bernard, SGS.

They are over-informed and have things to say, to share their thoughts is important to them.

Talent Attraction Tip # 3. Being intellectually nurtured

According to a study by The Boson Project, 42% of young people believe that professional learning is the key to career success. “It’s a generation that is aware of the obsolescence of knowledge but which, moreover, has all the knowledge available at the click of a button,” says Emmanuelle Duez.

According to her, the organization of tomorrow will have to be a “business-school”. Same thing at SGS. “Young people are more and more cultivated, more and more curious, they expect the company to grow them,” says Isabelle Bernard. The continuous acquisition of new skills is therefore a factor in attracting, engaging and retaining young employees.

Talent Attraction Tip # 4. Balance

Presenteeism has had its day. 53% of young graduates surveyed in the Deloitte/OpinionWay barometer believe it is important for the company to promote flexible work schedules. 43% support teleworking/working remotely.

“Flexibility is perceived as a mark of confidence that the company testifies to the collaborator so it echoes the demand for participative and empowering management,” analyzes Geraldine Segond.

Talent Attraction Tip # 5. To be entrepreneur of their destiny

The younger generation is much more adaptable than the previous generation, and particularly inclined to turn. “To create commitment, it’s about giving visibility to future careers developments,” says Isabelle Bernard. Nevertheless, the full-time CDI, within the same organization, for several decades, is not necessarily the Holy Grail for all young people.

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At The Boson Project, several employees work part-time at 3/5 or 4/5. In addition to their activity as millennial experts, they are agents of artists, freelance designers, “The relationship to employment will become plural. The career will be saucissonne “, remarks Emmanuelle Duez (best translation ‘snacking’). Faced with this dislocation of the unity of the professional career, young people do not seem worried on the contrary, they see an opportunity to break with routine.

Talent Attraction Tip # 6. Encourage collaboration and discussion among employees

Millennials are very sensitive to their work environment and want to connect with their colleagues. Offer common areas where they can meet during dinner time and breaks, this will promote team spirit. Why not organize a 5 to 7 after work or activities with the office to consolidate your team!

Simply creating opportunities for collaboration on projects will have a positive effect on your employees’ relationships and allow them to learn from each other. Using everyone’s strengths to make a project a reality will benefit both your company and those who work there.

By making the well-being and motivation of your employees a priority, you will encourage them to be more loyal to your company. Of course, they will be more dynamic and their performance will be better.

Are you an employer? Can you add to these suggestions?

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