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Finding the best candidate to join your organization is challenging, to say the least.

FoodGrads is the only site specifically designed for employers in the food industry to post jobs and internships to a targeted audience of qualified candidates with food related qualifications and experience.

Our services provide a one-stop-shop for hiring full time, part time and internship positions with individuals straight out of school and a place to stay in touch and network as they progress in their careers.

If you would like to be informed of our progress and when the site will be ready for employers, please sign up for our mailing list, we promise not to spam. We will be contacting employers on the mailing list first for exclusive early testing and feedback.

How can FoodGrads help me?

  • Choose from a variety of search options based on time and budget.
  • Search by school, program, certifications, location, interest and experience.
  • Industry specific search terms from baking to meat to R&D and BRC.
  • Free job postings for entry level positions
  • We’ll post internships and facilitate Mini-Internships.
  • Free search for startups. We are committed to helping new food ventures get off the ground with the talent they need.

What's a Mini-Internship?

Students are looking for meaningful, relevant work experience to add to their resume. Mini-Internships are a unique way of providing essential industry experience.

Post a project and invite students to submit their work or ideas. You get to explore the perspectives and abilities of a student. Use this to identify if they are a fit for your organization in the future or to test new ideas. Mini-Internships are low risk and low commitment, designed to benefit both parties.

Are you interested in mentoring?

We are forming a food industry mentorship program, click through for more information.