My Story: Biotechnology Student to Food Pro!

Hello, my name is Fatema, I’m always looking for excitement and adventure in my life!

I was a certified medical technologist, but I felt something was missing after working at the hospital. So, I decided to take a trip to a different country and do something new and exciting. I came across the biotechnology course and enjoyed it but after working in the food industry I started developing a massive interest.

The food industry is so vast in terms of knowledge and experience you cannot turn back. From testing for microbes in food samples to quality assurance, the number of opportunities is immense. I always feel that I am a part of a huge and loving family.

Food is Family!

I am perusing my post graduate diploma in Advanced Biotechnology at Centennial College. My interest in the food industry developed after working at Canadian Food inspection Agency (CFIA).

During my co-op at CFIA I learned amazing things about the world of food and that helped me to learn innovative things about food.

Not long ago I came across FoodGrads, Nicole the Founder is very active on LinkedIn and I was hooked!

The collaboration and passion that came though ignited my own passion. I not only learnt about the pros of the industries but also its cons and how to change those cons into my favour.

FoodGrads is the most interesting interactive platform for students and grads interested in the Food & Beverage Industry.  It is the best way to feel part of a community with a shared passion and purpose.

I am very excited to pursue my career.  I now feel supported and knowledgeable about my career options.  FoodGrads also connects us to industry employers so we can hear directly from the people in the industry about their jobs (the good and bad!).

The benefits I received from this blog are amazing–from tiny details to huge news–which helped me to have an in-depth knowledge about this world.

A couple of weeks ago, Nicole came to Centennial College and I met her.  I felt over whelmed and so happy at the same time.  The blogs have helped to turn me from a student to a food professional.

From a Student to a Food Pro!

It has given me a platform to give and receive opinions and sometimes even to find a direction. It has helped me to continue and keep on trying even after multiple rejections. I wish I could help more people to join our small community of food grads!

The food industry is one of the most relateable to work in. It is exciting every day and the knowledge anyone can receive is immense.

Canada is multicultural so there’s a vast number of different categories of food, it’s mind blowing!

The food industry in Canada follows similar rules and regulations as the FDA, it places the safety of people above all and at any cost–contrary to what you might think from reading stuff on social media.

FoodGrads is one of my resources for rules which were unique and unknown, they share the voices of industry experts so you get information from people in the company not a crafted marketing quote from the company.  Its supported and guided me for my every necessity. It is an amazing platform for students who love some early exposure to the industry!

Author Fatema Bastawala – FoodGrads Campus Ambassador

Experienced Laboratory Technician with an Advanced diploma in Biotechnology focused in Biology Technician/Biotechnology Laboratory Technician from Centennial College International Education Centre.

The industry needs passionate people like you that can help consumers safe through food safety programs. To learn more about jobs in food safety and quality then check out The FoodGrads E-Book Career Paths in Food and Beverage.

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