I’m graduating with BSc Nutrition & Dietetics, what are my options in the Food & Beverage Industry?

Hello Team FoodGrads!

I’m currently at Brescia University College and will graduate with BSc Nutrition and Dietetics. Most of my peers are looking to pursue careers in the Healthcare Industry, I’m wondering with this degree what my career options are in the Food & Beverage Industry?”

Feedback from different perspectives of the industry…

  • A position in a Regulatory Department or a position in Research & Innovation/Product Development.
  • I eventually got a culinary degree and then have cross trained into food science and manufacturing. I’m now a research chef
  • The Product Innovation department in food processing industry could be something to consider. Yesterday, I was looking at an initiative of Biofortification Beverley Postma where nutrition science is embedded at the level of a seed (farm). So I would say consumer driven businesses along the entire value chain would have an interest in such a profileDr. Vijayender Nalla

  • I’m in agreement. Regulatory Affairs within the food industry is a neat area to get into. There are many companies in the GTA that offer positions within this department. Loblaws, Maple Leaf Foods and Kellogg Company are just a few.
  • There is NO better industry to work in than the food industry. Highly satisfying work with constant and unique challenges, where ‘art’ meets ‘science’. It is fast paced and not meant for the faint of heart or those that can’t think on their feet.

    Offers very high stability vs Mfg jobs, as they say. “good times.. or bad times… people have to eat”. You get to earn a living making a great product, customers pay you well for it and if you do it right delivering quality and price, they come back every time. Highly recommend. But I will admit to being biased, I started in the restaurant industry at 16 and every job since has been food related. Bradley Thomson

  • There are companies such as Apetito, and Nestle that focus on food products for health care settings. Take a look at these companies. Amy Proulx
  • Companies like ours (Nanolytix Inc) that focus on developing technologies for Food safety/quality and food life extension could also be options for someone with your background Harjeet Bajaj
  • Also consider Healthcare Food Service (HFS)
  • Major retailers like Sobeys, Loblaws etc. are focused on providing advice to customers with regards to diet and nutrition.  Sobeys has a dedicated Twitter page.
  • Many big stakeholders in the Food Industry will hire nutrition professionals for their product development/QA or regulatory teams. There is also lots of room for you to pursue a Master in Food Science. I had a BSc Nutrition and Dietetics and completed my PhD in Food Science and I have many of jobs to do – Mary Ann Ferrer

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