Paulo Toro

Food Engineer / Food Scient

About me

 I have a bachelor degree in Food Engineering.I also have an extensive working experience in Quality Assurance and as aProduction Supervisor. I have worked in different roles within Quality rangingfrom Q.A. Auditor, GMP, HACCP Certifier, SQF. Internal . Working as Quality Supervisor I have gained experience working onSPC (Statistical Process Control), DEO (Design of Experiment), QMS (QualityManagement System) and vary of continuous improvement projects,  Lab. Equipment andequipment used for Quality at source ,(PEMPs) Pathogen Environmental Monitoring Program TPC,ATP Swabs, Airborne Monitoring Program Yeast and Mold. I am well aware of theprocedures and standards that are required to work in an ISO, SQF, HACCPCertified organization. 

Skills and tools

Food Production
Food Policy/Activism/Government


January 1996 -August 2003
Food Engineer
University of Caldas

Work Experience

July 2014 -January 2021
Quality Assurance supervisor