Chanukya Sathyanarayana

Food Scientist

About me

A Food ProcessEngineer with accomplished 10+ yr experience in various locations across theglobe in areas of new product development, process/ product design andoptimization, food facility management, physical/ chemical characterization offood, sensory evaluation, quality control, scientific / technical writing anddocumentation with solid background in practical & theoretical aspects inthese areas

Skills and tools

Plant Based Foods
Fruit & Veg
Food Production
Food & Beverages


April 2011 -July 2015
Doctor of Philosophy (Food Engineering)
Central Food Technological Research Institute / Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research

Completed my Ph.D. (Engg.) at the Dept. of Food engineering at CFTRI (A United Nations University) (Indian Institute of National Importance) on thesis titled: "Integrated approach involving liquid membranes and forward osmosis for the processing of fruit juice and natural colorant".

Different topics that i worked on include:
1) Extraction of alcohol, lactic & citric acids, using emulsion liquid membranes & supported liquid membrane from model systems and real solutions.
2) Desalination by forward osmosis
3) Enriched extraction and non-thermal concentration of anthocyanin from natural sources such as rose petals for usage in diary foods as natural colorant.
4) Usage of ultrasound to mitigate concentration polarisation during forward osmosis concentration of liquid foods

All the above objectives have been published in in peer reviewed International Journals.

My work involved Analytical Techniques such as:
1. GC-MS
2. Spectrophotomety
3. Solid-Phase Micro-extraction
4. HPLC etc

Master of Technology (Chemical Eng.)
Visvesvaraya Technological University

I completed my M.Tech (Chemical Engg) from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur, with 2 semesters course work that includes major chemical engineering subjects, 3 months industrial training and 1 year project work.

My industrial training work was carried out at Dunlop Tyres Ltd, Mysore, India on chemical engineering aspects of industrial Steam Boilers.

My 1 year project work was carried out at the Department of Food Engineering, CFTRI, Mysore India, on thesis titled: "De-alcoholization & extraction of organic acids using Liquid Emulsion Membranes"

My Master's project thesis is published in International Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology.

Bachelor of Engineering (Bio-technology)
Visveswaraiah Technological University

I completed my B.E (Biotechnology) from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore, with 7 semesters of course work that covers major Biotechnology subjects and 1 semester project work.

One semester (6 months) project work was carried out at the Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition at CFTRI, Mysore India, on extraction of beta-carotene from natural sources and Micro encapsulation of the Beta Carotene using spray-drying technique for preservation of the sensitive compound. This encapsulation process resulted in higher bio-availability of the Beta Carotene in the blood upon consumption, as compared to non-encapsulated Beta Carotene.

Awards and Certificates :

October 2020 -October 2025
Safe Food Handler
FoodPrep 5 years

March 2021
First Aid CPR/AED
Red Cross No expiry

December 2020
WHMIS No expiry

November 2020
Heat Exhaustion
Intertek Alchemy No expiry