Dawrul Islam

Food Safety Officer

About me

Knowledge in food processing, formulations, and food microbiology and deep insight in terms of Indian, EU Codex, & International food legislation, associated risks, food safety, and quality concerns, HACCP system, SQF, and GMPs.
Assertive and problem-focused, setting up a higher goals while meeting and exceeding the current ones, adding to the growth of the organization and myself and currently working as Food Safety Officer under Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal.

Food Science knowledge:
•Food Microbiology: Experience in working with food pathogens such as Clostridium species and E. coli, inactivation of pathogens in food systems, method development and drafting SOPS, food products shelf life extension.
•Food Processing: Thermal Processing, High-Pressure Processing, Ohmic, and Microwave heating and Freeze-drying.
•Food Analysis techniques: Proximate analysis to find moisture, fat, ash, fiber, carbohydrates content of the food. Hands-on experience in operating HPLC, LS-MS, and GC-MS.
•Food Biotechnology: Fermentation technology and GMF.

Safety Systems Certificates
•FSSC V5 - ISO Lead Auditor Training: Knowledge of identifying Critical Control Limits, risk assessment, monitoring and validation, and the corrective actions to be taken. Experience in data handling and report writing.
•ISO 9001 Quality Management System
•Applications of Blockchain in Food Safety and Traceability systems.
•Compliance Training: Labelling of controlled products, Material safety data sheets, and industrial safety, allergen control, & Halal Compliance.
•Biosafety Cabinets Training: Working with food pathogens, Shelf-life assessments.
•Analytical Instrumentation trainings: GC-FID, GCMS, HPLC, & Spectrometry.

Skills and tools

Food Policy/Activism/Government
Consulting Services


June 2013
M.Tech (Food Safety and Quality Management)
National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management


1.     2.     3.     and Necessity fromEnvironmental Prospects (Book chapter).

4.     5.     Fatty Acidcompositional analysis of different edible Oils & Fats” using GC-FID atFood Analysis and Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd Gurgaon Haryana, India.

Skills: Animal Cell line culture, Autodock 4.2 (ComputationalBiology), Instrumentation Analysis GC-FID/MS, chemical & microbial analysisof foods, International Food Regulations, & Risk assessment.


Programming Languages: Internet tools, MS office, Windows, etc.


Master’s Course Structure:

Semester 1:

1.       FoodChemistry and Biochemistry

2.       BasicsFood Technology

3.       Principlesof Management

4.       FoodRegulation

5.       FoodMicrobiology

6.       FoodSafety through Traceability and Recall

7.       Seminar

8.       VillageAdoption program

Semester 2:

1.       AnalyticalMethod for ensuring Food Safety and Quality

2.       AdvancedFood Biotechnology

3.       FoodSafety & Public Health

4.       ResearchMethodology

5.       FoodSafety & Quality Management System

6.       GrainQuality in Bulk storage

7.       Seminar

8.       VillageAdoption Program


Semester 3& 4

            Research Internship and MajorResearch Project.

Work Experience

December 2018 -Currently working
Food Safety Officer
Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal

Inspected, as frequently as may be prescribed by theDesignated Officer, all food establishments licensed for manufacturing,handling, packing or selling of an article of food within the area assigned.§§§§-    Conducted inspections of food business operator’sfacility to check implementation progress and provided report to Food businessoperator withfindingsConducted internal awareness training on FoodSafety/HACCP at FBO’sfacilityregardingtheadequacyofstandardmethodologycompliance,andEducatethemfillrequireddocumentformats, in referenceto Regulatory Standards, Procedure, Manual, checklists for internal assessmentsetc.

July 2017 -February 2018
Technical Auditor - Food Safety/Halal
Halal India

EstablishedHalal training modules, Presentations as per the individualcourses.§§§§§Well track record of timely executions of tasks andsubmission of audit report, audit movement details etc. to thereporting authority.Coordinate with Shariah Board members to explainthe findings (if required) before final approval of Halal certification andsignatory.

Awards and Certificates :

November 2019 -November 2023
FSSC version 5 Based on ISO 22000 Lead Auditor
48315 5 Days

April 2018
Food Safety Officer's Training by Indian Food Authority (FSSAI)
FSSAI 45 Days