Keegan Williams-Lennox

About me

I am very adaptable and will easily be able to learn any unknown skills required to become part of the team to help out any role. I set myself apart from other candidates applying for this position because of my professional training and passion. This industry is my long-term goal, rather than just a part-time job. My passion to learn compliments my current training to become experienced in the industry. 

Skills and tools

Team Management
Team Work
Food Production
Food & Beverages


-April 2022
George Brown College

George Brown College offers the only four-year Culinary Management bachelor's degree in Canada. With the continuing growth of the culinary and food industry, there is a need for professionals who can marry detailed gastronomic knowledge, advanced management skills and the level of business acumen required to work in modern Canadian kitchens and food companies.

H316 is a bridge pathway into the H315 Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Culinary Management) program, specifically designed for graduates of Culinary Management diploma programs. Graduates of these diploma programs may be eligible to enter the third year of the degree upon successful completion of six bridge courses.

The Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Culinary Management) meets industry demand by preparing students with the depth and breadth of knowledge commensurate with an honours level, undergraduate commerce degree specializing in culinary management. Combining commerce, culinary, food studies and externship experiences, this degree program prepares graduates for kitchen, operations management or food development positions. Throughout our culinary management degree, students will gain an understanding of eight key areas:

  1. Culinary Proficiency
  2. Culinary Theory
  3. Accounting and Finance
  4. Marketing and Communications
  5. Human Resources and Risk Management
  6. Specialized Business
  7. Research
  8. General Knowledge (Liberal Studies)