Jeremy Rains

Food Scientist

About me

San Francisco-based food scientist with a passion for improving the way the world consumes, and looks at food in our everyday lives. I am committed to creating innovative, sustainable, and nutritious products that assist in deconstruction of our dependency on traditional agriculture. I bring to my teams a wealth of knowledge and experience working with animal, alternative, plant-based, and novel proteins, as well as experience developing products across a diverse portfolio of food systems. 

Skills and tools

Plant Based Foods
Food & Beverages


August 2020
Bachelor's of Science
San Francisco State University

Work Experience

October 2019 -June 2020
Food Science Intern
Clara Foods

Conducted product-development focused experiments to explore plant and egg white protein applications across various food systems such as beverages, sweets, savory meals, and baked goods. Properly evaluated formulation modifications through the use of sensory panels and texture analyzing instruments to optimize products in order to meet or exceed the quality of current market offerings. Translated data into development reports, and utilized cross-team communication of such information to ultimately drive further protein development.

August 2019 -June 2020
Product Development Team Lead

Oversaw and lead development of two products through concept, prototyping, manufacturing, design, and market pitch. Established formulations and processing parameters for sensory, chemical, and nutritional properties, as well as documented product development through reports, flow charts, and cumulative proposals. Optimized product formulations through conduction of sensory panels, and translated feedback into meaningful development with the use formulation modifications from research-based literature.