Arisha Seeras

Food Scientist

About me

I am a food scientist with applied academic and industry experience in the field of new product development, quality control, sensory product evaluation, risk management, consumer and market research and batch-scale production. Independently designed and executed experiments from sourcing ingredients to production of final products. Strong background in food safety regulations and foodborne pathogens. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills involved in innovation, reconditioning, and value-added processing (VAP) from concept through commercialization of products for the food and beverage industry. After I completed my contract with Troubled Monk Brewery, I went to Spain on a scholarship as an English language assistant where I was during the pandemic, planning for and conducting on-line classes. 

Skills and tools

Food Production
Team Management
Team Work
Plant Based Foods


September 2014 -June 2017
Master in Food Science and Technology
University of Alberta

I successfully defended my thesis titled “Survival and Persistence of dried Salmonella enterica in Low Water Activity Conditions”. This experience helped me acquire advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint through critical analysis of background research on the thesis topic, writing research proposals and procedures, and conducting presentations for scientific and non-scientific audiences alike. As well, I expanded my knowledge in the fields of new product development, meat science, quality assurance and control, sensory science, protein extraction and manipulation, and food preservation. 

September 2007 -June 2012
Bachelor Nutrition and Food Science
University of Alberta

I completed a degree in Nutrition and food science, which allowed for a better understanding of the interaction of food molecules inside and outside of the body. Majoring in food science provided me with a broader knowledge in the areas of foodborne pathogens, quality control, dairy, meat, sensory, bakery and crop sciences. 

Work Experience

May 2018 -September 2019
Product/Process Development Scientist
Troubled Monk Brewery

• Conceptualized several ideas for revenue generation from redesigning production processes to flavor manipulation for the duration of my contract which resulted in high quality products as per market trends, such as the Troubled Tea, Orange soda and Epitaph Gin. • Analyzed the effect of combining varying ingredients from fruit juice to natural extracts in 3 weeks, resulting in reformulation of sodas with minimal ingredients and manpower to maximize production and minimize errors. • Designed and conducted monthly sensory analyses of final products in order to assess consumer acceptance and weekly testing of interim processes and products for shelf-life assessment to ensure continuous safety of final products.• Generated the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan for the brewery and trained production personnel on following proper HACCP guidelines of the brewery by conducting weekly meetings, reviewing of processes and bi-annual mock recalls. Products that I have developed and are currently on the market are;Sodas (Orange and Saskatoon sodas): (Troubled Tea, Epitaph Gin&Soda, Adequate Vodka Soda): (Saskatoon liqueur, Epitaph Berry Blossom gin-seasonal):

May 2017 -April 2018
Product/Process Development Technician
Food Product Development Centre

• Assisted clients with new product development in the bakery department, existing product reformulation and batch-scale production of final products. • Developed recipes for plant-based low-calorie protein bars, shakes and smoothies using extracted pea protein. • Ran shelf-life analysis and stability testing in products such as protein bars and gluten-free burgers.• Conducted critical analyses of research papers and literature reviews in areas ranging from dairy processing to protein extraction prior to designing and maintaining project plans and budget costs per project. 

July 2016 -December 2016
Quality Assurance/Product Development Intern
Vantage Foods Inc.

• Performed validation testing on final products to ensure on-going food safety of products. • Implemented VAP practices by generating recipes for fresh sausage and hamburger production with unused cuts of meat. • Aided the lab manager with final project reports and in closing critical issue reports on a federal level.

Awards and Certificates :

September 2020 -October 2020
Science & Cooking; From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science (Chemistry)
HarvardX 1 month

Credential ID:

This course provides a basic understanding of the chemistry behind cooking; taught by famous chefs, they explain how using scientific concepts enabled them to create some of their famous dishes. 

March 2018 -March 2018
Coaching and Mentoring; Advanced Certificate in Leadership
University of Alberta 1 month

This course Helped me develop a better understanding of what is required of a coach, as well as skills and strategies to being an effective coach. I personally found that I was able to use the knowledge I obtained from this course to engage in more effective conversations in the workplace and knowing what questions to ask and when, which helped when dealing with conflicts within the workplace. 

March 2018 -March 2018
Project Management Principles and Practices
University of Alberta 1 week

This course helped with understanding how to properly balance the time and budjet of a project, the workload that comes with the project, as well as how to delegate specific tasks to the rest of the team. It also provided tools on how to proactively deal with issues that can arise, and develop realistic plans of action. The second part of the course focused on the execution and completion of specific projects, knowing how to communicate with the team, and how to effectively communicate relevant information to the parties involved. Skills that I obtained from this course helped me successfully lead and complete several projects throughout my career as a food product developer.