Chase Your Dream Not the Money

Chase your dreams not the money. In class I was told of a student looking to pursue a PhD. They were told unless it boils your blood and keeps you up at night- keep looking for the issue that drives you wild.

Passion is the key to success.

This summer left me sleepless. This summer boiled my blood. This summer made me understand where I stand in this industry. This summer left me wanting more education; food science isn’t enough to be the leader I want to be.

Thanks to everyone who helped along the way, its definitely been interesting. As we prepare for the next leg of the journey, I’m amazed at what this summer held, what we accomplished, and what proved to be a challenge.

The good, the bad and the ugly- I walked in the fire and am stronger for it. I had my values tested and know where I stand.

I stood my ground, held on to my goals and reached the dream.

Be flexible and resilient. Know your non negotiables.

I explored an industry, from raising poultry to the final presentation on your plate- I did all the steps in between.

I pushed my family and myself and we all grew together.

What did this summer hold for you?

Author: Michelle Lang (Paxton)

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