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Based on the fact that we spend our days encouraging, supporting and listening to the Food & Beverage employees of the future, we hope these posts bring value to industry employers….

Check out our favourite FoodGrads blog posts for Hiring Managers, Human Resources and anyone else involved in the recruitment process!

2016 Blogs for Food & Beverage Employers

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Last week we shared a post written for Students and Grads to support job search in the Food Industry.  Its that time of year, new beginnings, resolutions and that means ‘job search’ is a priority.  Whether its a full time change or planning summer internships, January is a ‘hot’ time in the recruitment world.

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There is a need for qualified and skilled workers for all occupations in all sectors of the Food & Beverage Industry.  By 2050 the global population will be 9.6 Billion, that’s a lot of mouths to feed and pressure on the entire supply chain from farm to fork!

What can you do to support the industry and the future of your organization?

We would love Food & Beverage Employers to show their support of those pursuing food related programs in school by sponsoring a student blog.  These blogs explain to those who are undecided or have never thought about what a career in the food industry looks like–other than becoming a chef–to check the Food & Beverage Industry out!

Our intention is to attract and encourage more young people to join us!

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  • Do you have a graduate recruitment strategy in place?
  • Are you in touch with schools to make sure you are ‘top of mind’ to recruit the best graduating students?
  • Do you have an effective on-boarding strategy for new grads?
  • Do you have on-boarding manuals and processes (including follow up) for specific functions?
  • Does HR create individual career plans for new graduate hires?
  • Do you have a Human Resources department? More to the point, a designated person taking care of your grad program?
  • Do you hire interns or offer co-op programs?
  • Do you offer training to new grads to support their career goals/company goals?
  • Do people know who you are?  Your company brand and culture?

If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear from you.  As we develop the FoodGrads interactive platform, feedback from industry experts is key. We’re all ears!

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