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FoodGrads is an exclusive community for the food & beverage industry.

We are the leader in connecting grads, educators and industry professionals through an interactive platform.

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  • Connect students to your programs to support enrollment

  • Educate and support students in choosing meaningful career paths

  • Discounted ‘Risk Optimization Resource Centre’ 2 and 4 day Lead Implementer Advanced, Tool Kit/Template Training (Food, Cannabis, Animal Feed) ongoing webinars/support.

  • Connect students/grads to jobs (Link to Food Service & Food Processing Industry)

  • Get featured in ‘Careers in Food & Beverage’ FREE E-Book resource for high-school age upwards Canada & US

  • Bring together employers and students for experiential learning programs such as co-op, internships, job shadowing, plant tours etc.

  • Build student leadership and team skills with our Campus Ambassador Program*

  • Official job board, talent attraction & career resource for Restaurants Canada

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“We are excited to be partnering with FoodGrads to help grow awareness among our students of the great jobs that exist in the food & beverage industry and to help us promote our internship program to new employers”.

Lauren Starr Science Career Services Office, Western University

“We have a Food Grads Ambassador! Jennie helped organize a networking event on campus that was a lot of fun and well received by our community. We love FoodGrads!”

Amy Proulx – Niagara College

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FoodGrads Campus Ambassadors have a unique experience to be the voice of the industry at their school. They create blogs, vlogs, host events where we bring industry friends into the classroom/on-line, join us at industry events and so much more. We are providing a fantastic opportunity for students to add skills to their resume and propel them forward as they start their career.

“I am a living testimony! I became a FoodGrads Campus Ambassador and they gave me an excellent reference for my first job after graduation…As a matter of fact, I got the job even before I was finished with my course…FoodGrads provided this platform for me, you, us!!! Even after you get your job, they are still there for you over the years!” Sashana Chattoo-Edwards, Centennial College


The FoodGrads blog is a place where students, grads and industry pros can share their stories. We want to inspire the next generation by letting the people in the industry–and those about to join–share their experiences, passion, and intentions to make a difference in the world of food. We encourage students to talk about their programs and the career paths they plan to take


Our members are listed with a link to the programs you wish to promote to our niche audience. The FoodGrads platform is a ‘catch all’ for young people who want to join the food & beverage industry or are curious about their options. This is a great opportunity to get in front of them. Inspiring blog posts, a link to your website and use of the advertising space (video) on the FoodGrads homepage are excellent ways to promote a new program or event.


We know one of your biggest challenges is to find great places for co-op placements. Connecting to industry is extremely time consuming but so important to the success of your students. We want to help you with that. Through an opt-in style format, students can write a bio with specifics about themselves and ideal placement and FoodGrads will help you by facilitating connections with industry


We offer training and skill development created by industry professionals closing the gap between school and industry is our goal, this page will continuously evolve so we can ensure the most valuable and up to date training is available, however, FREE fundamentals will be a constant. How would you like to offer a training course to the public that acts as a ‘teaser’ to some of your programs? We offer this too and it’s a great revenue stream as well as an opportunity to increase enrollment!

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