Don’t Be Shy Grads!

Its never easy starting a new job. When you’ve just graduated and started your first job, everything is new, you’re just beginning to learn the ropes.  There’s no ‘How To’ manual on your desk so how are you supposed to know what’s appropriate and what’s not?

Teresa Owen is a Human Resources Professional with 15 years of experience in diverse industries with global presence.  The past 5+ years she has been in Food Production.   Teresa is an exceptional HR professional and a genuinely supportive person–I asked her to share some advice as she has interviewed and hired many new grads in her career–she’s kindly offered to share some thoughts.  Here’s the first;

It is never easy starting out in a new role, whether it is contract, permanent or a co-op placement.  You worry about possibly making a mistake, will you like the role, will the company like you, will you be bored, and so on.  These are all normal feelings when we first start out in our career. However, do not let these thoughts stop you from taking additional action steps to help further your career.

The food industry has many different roles for new grads, and you will serve yourself well if you ask to job shadow in other areas (on your time) and if you continue to let others in the organization know that you are interested in learning about all aspects of the food business.  Whenever a recent grad asked to learn more, I knew that they would be an excellent candidate should additional opportunities arise.

Do not expect the company to know what level of interest you have in other areas  you need to tell them. Speak up!

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Stay tuned for upcoming events so you can speak with industry professionals early in their career and totally approachable.  There will be an opportunity to find mentors and (in some cases ) training so you are able to start on the right foot to meet your career objectives.  All of this and more to come!

It’s important to be able to communicate to your employer, they are not mind readers and more often do not have the resources to focus on an individuals’ career progression, its up to you to advocate for yourself and have a plan–we can help!


About Teresa:

Teresa’s career has included management roles in food processing, digital/audio, professional services and consulting firms in the GTA.  Throughout her career, Teresa has been deeply involved in developing and executing strategies in talent management, recruitment and selection, employee relations and organizational development and is currently open to new opportunities within HR.

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