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Our Vision

Leading a movement to bring agriculture and food education into all Ontario classrooms. Inspiring youth to see their role within the food system that's a vehicle for social, economic, and environmental impact.

Our Mission

Through experiential and science-based programs, we empower Ontario youth and educators to understand their relationship to the agriculture and food system and ignite interest in related careers.

thinkAG Career Competitions Volunteer Opportunities

AgScape's thinkAG Career Competitions are an excellent opportunity to help Ontario youth, grades 5-12, make real-world connections and learn about future career pathways in the agriculture, food and food processing sector. Each event features a variety of agriculture industry representatives who run hands-on stations related to agriculture, food and careers. Students, organized in groups, will rotate between each station every 10-12 minutes to learn about agriculture and food in a fun and interactive way. At each station, students will be tested and provided points on their ability to demonstrate key 21st-century learning skills such as teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and an overall knowledge of agriculture and food.

Looking for an Opportunity to Get Your Company Involved?

Our station leaders play anessentialrole in our thinkAG Career Competition by connecting students, through an interactive activity, to their area of expertise. We are always looking for partners or volunteers to participate in our thinkAG Career Competitions as station leaders.

We deliver multiple sessions of our thinkAG Career Competitions in a day, with an attendance of approximately 100 students per session. We ask those interested in being station leaders to commit to the entire event, which can run for half or the full day.

To become a volunteer station leader, go to

Virtual Field Trip Volunteer Opportunities

Hosted live on YouTube and Facebook, AgScape's Virtual Field Trip help Ontario youth, grades K-8, to explore various agriculture and food production facilities. From cheese processing, bean farming, to apiaries, Ontario youth have travelled all across Ontario to get their questions answered live while having a fun and engaging experiential tour.

To become a volunteer virtual field trip host, go to

Programs & Courses

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