This 130-minute course is ideal if you are looking for high quality advice to prepare for interviews whether it’s for a part-time, co-op, summer, internship or a full-time position.

The course will prepare you for: Several types of interview

(e.g. Zoom/Skype/Video, Panel, One-On-One, Phone, Technical, Casual/Meal etc.)

  • Common and unconventional questions
  • Behavioural based interview methodology and using the STAR method to respond
  • Tests you can expect
  • Questions to ask in the interview
  • Best practice preparation and follow-up strategies
  • Tips on managing first impressions, body language and building rapport
  • With built-in gamification, you will earn badges, points and a completion certificate.

Please note the course will expire 30 days following date of purchase.

Cost: $29.95 (Canadian) + applicable taxes applied at checkout – US candidates welcome.