FoodGrads Podcast Ep 52: Exploring Ontario’s Meat & Poultry industry with Laurie Nicol, CareersNow! Meat & Poultry Sector Lead

Welcome to episode 52 of the FoodGrads Podcast we interviewed Laurie Nicol, CareersNow! Meat & Poultry Sector Lead. CareersNow! CareersNOW! is Food and Beverage Ontario’s workforce development initiative for Ontario’s vibrant and growing food and beverage manufacturing industry.

On this episode Lorie and Veronica talked about the CareerNow! initiative and how they are helping raise awareness for the industry but all the FREE resources avaliable to you through the program. Laurie explained to me how she got into the meat industry and why she decided to stay. Veronica got a better understanding of how the meat industry looks as a whole across Ontario. She was surprised to learn how large it was and the diversity among it. They also talked about just general views on the industry as a whole including the idea of craftsmanship and loving what you do. Laurie really knows what is talking about and it might just make you reconsider what you think of when you think about the meat industry.

Show Notes

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