FoodGrads Podcast Ep 54: Sharing a passion for food science by making it fun and accessible with Brittany Towers Lewis, Senior Manager of Product Development at Vital Proteins and theblackfoodscientist

On episode 54 of the FoodGrads we interviewed Brittany Towers Lewis. Brittany or as you might know her online as theBlackFoodScience across multiple social media platforms is the Senior Manager of Product Development at Vital Proteins. Vital Proteins® helps people feel better and live fuller lives through high-quality nutrition products, promoting natural beauty. They deliver a wide range of collagen products to better fit every type of lifestyle – no matter how busy or active – and to provide the tools needed for a more fulfilling wellness routine.

On this episode Brittany and Veronica talked about what it is like being the senior manager of product development at Vital Proteins and what the day to day of her job looks like. We dived more into her career path deciding to move away from the medical field and instead look into food. Brittany has actually worked at PepsiCola where she had the opportunity to work on the development new lines of Gatorade. How cool is that. Veronica also used this opportunity to get to know more about Brittany like why she decided to become a certified culinary scientist, what skill she is currently working on and of course more about the TheBlackFoodScientist and how she is spreading awareness about Food Science.

Show Notes

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