FoodGrads Podcast Episode 45: A first-hand perspective of what it’s like working in food safety in the meat industry with with Vasudha Sabharwal, Food Safety Professional

On episode 45 of the FoodGrads Podcast we interviewed Vasudha Sabharwal, a food safety professional working in the meat industry. Vasudha is an individual with a rich career in working the meat industry and other sectors of the industry. She also has a Master’s Degree in Bioresource Engineering for Integrated Food and Bioprocessing at McGill University.

In this episode Vasudha really spent the time walking Veronica through her career journey talking about each role along the way and what it entails. She talked about what she did in the role and what it felt like working as part of a team. Veronica picked her brain about the different skills are needed in the industry and how she was able to specifically develop them. She also broke down what working in a meat industrial plant is really like and cleared up so misconceptions someone might have.

Through out the episode Vaushuda shared a lot of wisdom that students should really take. You can tell that it is coming comes from experiences, career growth and even mistakes Vasuhdha herself has made.

Show Notes

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