Why choose FoodGrads.com?

Ask yourself two questions:

Will the quality (and quantity) of candidate be what I am looking for if I post on a major job board?

Are any other platforms doing anything to attract people into this specific industry?

There is a skills gap and workforce shortage for the food industry.  FoodGrads is proud of the work we are doing with associations in the industry and schools to celebrate the people and professions in food service and food processing,  highlighting the abundance of opportunity and the need to have conscientious, dedicated, bright young people exploring and pursuing careers!

By utilizing the job board which is a fraction of the cost of the generic ones* you are keeping your talent pipeline full and we are delivering the best and brightest students and young professionals to your door.

Massive Cost Savings!!!

*Comparison: to post 3 jobs on Monster you pay $600 per month—what you pay for a month, you pay for the entire year with FoodGrads—PLUS the jobs are UNLIMITED!

Joining FoodGrads supports our mission to attract, guide & develop the Next Generation of Food & Beverage Industry Professionals!