Get Inspired By These Food Disruptors, The Food Pros of Tomorrow!

I challenge anyone to listen to this podcast and NOT feel inspired to do something amazing in the Food & Beverage Industry.

Leah and Amberley are not food science or culinary students (Geography and Environmental studies actually) but they were inspired to focus their attention on issues that will make a difference and are on a path to do just that.

We ALL eat, so we all have a vested interest for the food system here in Canada and globally to work better, to BE better.  From nutrition, to food safety, sustainability to the impact food production has on the environment.  There are a wealth of problems to be solved.

FoodGrads is an interactive platform to support students and grads start their career in the industry.  Part of our mission is to attract brilliant, socially conscious people to explore the careers this growing sector has to offer and to address the problems facing the industry.

We were thrilled when RBC Future Launch launched!  RBC are spending millions of dollars over the next decade to support Canadian youth thrive in the age of disruption. We are even more excited that one of their executives is now a member of the Taste Your Future advisory board.

RBC have introduced a podcast designed to bring leading thinkers into the enterprise to talk about major shifts in the world around us.  Featuring thought-provoking sessions on digital technology, changing workplaces and big shifts in consumer behaviour.

This episode certainly stimulates thoughts and hopefully new ideas for the Food & Beverage sector.

RBC Disruptors

John Stackhouse interviews Evan Fraser, Leah Blechschmidt and Amberley Ruetz on Canada’s role is in feeding the planet, entrepreneurial opportunities, and developing skills in an interdisciplinary environment.

RBC Disruptors

Click here to listen.


During their conversation they talk about ‘Critical Thinking’, a skill required for the future workforce, but what does it actually mean?

It’s described here as the ability to have your ‘own’ voice and question what you are being told.  Basically, its strengthening the skill to think for yourself.  Wow, is this ever needed in the food space!

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Communication skills and interpersonal skills are also generously explained.

When you blend core training and skills, that’s when the magic happens!

These transferable skills (soft skills) are at the forefront during conversations about the new workforce or next generation of professionals.  Now’s the time to make sure you understand what’s needed and to get involved.

My biggest takeaway from the episode was a comment made about the importance of strong mentorship and encouragement.  Constant support and hearing “You can do this!” is what our next generation of disruptors in Food & Beverage need.

The surrounding Food & Beverage communities and networks need to work together to make sure this message is reinforced.

Millennials and Gen Y have lived in a world of constant change.  They are arguably more adaptable to change than the generation before them, so lets hone their talents, hear their ideas and support the next generation of Food Grads.

Be The Change You Want to See in The World

So whether you are taking asymmetrical peaches that would be considered food waste and turning them into a nutritious snack for students or focusing your attention on food safety for the masses, there is a HUGE opportunity for you to do something amazing in this sector.

Join our tribe, visit and check out the voices of current students and recent grads on the blog who collaborate and aspire to a healthier world.

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