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Here’s a blog snack that I felt inspired to share after listening to an episode of Food Startups Podcast.

Matt hosts an entertaining show to help food businesses grow and prosper. Weekly episodes featuring some of the top performers in the food startups space.  Matt typically interviews the Founders, but is planning to showcase the key people that help to get these startups to the next level in upcoming episodes.

The Food Startup Podcast is one of our favourites–check out ‘The BEST Food Industry Podcasts‘ for more.

For Food Grads!

Amanda Sains called the Founder of B’More Organic.  Why?  Well, she noticed a smoothie on the shelf,  read the ingredients (did not LOVE the bottle/packaging) but took the smoothie home.  She LOVED the product, the clean label and the taste!  The bottle bothered her….

What’s a girl to do? Why, call the Founder of course!  She offered praise for the product and suggestions for the packaging (and dropped into the conversation that she has a Masters in Marketing!)

Fast forward a year…..Amanda’s the Director of Marketing & Business Development of B’More Organic (and the bottle’s different!)


Click to Hear Episode 146 – How to Join and Thrive at a Food Startup – Amanda Sains of B’more Organic

Amanda shares:

  • Her decision to go to grad school
  • Advice for young people who are unsure of their career path
  • What ‘the hustle’ means to Amanda
  • Getting the attention of a food company
  • How she proved herself to B’more Organic
  • Getting in front of superstar entrepreneur Gary Vee

….and MORE!

For Employers

Takeaway: Amanda discusses social media and the benefits of hiring young people who have grown up with technology at their finger tips.  Its second nature and they’ll try things that the older generation wouldn’t even consider….


Resources for Startups

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