Hiring Students & Grads is BIG Business

Are you seeing a lot of requests from schools right now to create a relationship, so you are able to hire students and new grads for co-op, internships and entry level positions?

Do you have time to go to job fairs, visit schools, nurture relationships to secure a constant pipeline of qualified students and grads?

Did you know that the most successful recruits are those who have participated in experimental learning opportunities (co-op, internships)?  These candidates are able to ‘hit the floor running’ upon graduation and are way more desirable. They have the relevant work experience you are looking for.

Do These 4 things Matter to You?

  • Hiring students & grads for internships, projects or full time entry level roles?
  • Branding your product, restaurant, service or company with millennials?
  • Having a relationship with more than one school to get a broader range of talent?
  • Supporting the next generation of food industry professionals so they are ready to start their career with you, from day 1 (with an idea of their long term career goals and how to achieve them)?

If you are still reading,  I have to assume that this resonates with you. Â So here’s my next question, will you support FoodGrads by becoming a member today?

Membership Value for Employers:

  • Connect with students & grads on a niche site for Food & Beverage only.
  • Brand your product, restaurant, service or company with food minded new professionals
  • Encourage people to explore the food industry as a career option to keep your recruitment pipeline full
  • Easy to use platform to select unlimited applicants (ATS)
  • Select candidates based on their skill % level (designed for students and new grads)
  • Unlimited job postings for internships, projects, entry level, full-time, all your recruitment needs. (Remember the cost of being a FoodGrads member for 1 year is the same as you would pay for 1 job posting on many other sites….and you can post as many jobs as you like!)
  • Create a cool profile that candidates can follow, that links back to your website/social links
  • The blog offers a ‘voice’ for the industry, from the horse’s mouth food scientists get to communicate and dispel some of the myths floating around the internet. Millennials listen to their peers so we are encouraging the people entering the industry to share their story.
  • Highlight the benefits to new grads of working in start-ups and small sized businesses
  • We are preparing students & grads to start work in the industry (with our experienced industry friends), so they are ready to ‘hit the floor running’
  • Free support to start-ups <5 people to help grow the sector
  • One platform for ALL areas in the food & beverage industry  Processing, Culinary/Food Service/Restaurants/Hospitality, Food Policy, Agriculture/Farming, Food Law, Retail, Nutrition/Dietitians etc. how they interact for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

The Future of FoodGrads

Students, grads and the entry level workforce are largely underrepresented and resources like LinkedIn and Indeed are generic and geared for every career stage.

We also recognize this generation expect to use their smartphones, for this reason we have Mobile App on iOS & Android in development.

  • Users can receive the latest job post in their category by notification
  • News / Blog Post
  • Ability to quickly update their skills by swipe
  • Receive notification from specific companies that they follow

Because FoodGrads is a niche site, we have the scope to assist at all levels as we grow, but our main priority will always be to support those starting out in their career.

FoodGrads has the potential to be the ‘go to’ place for online resumes for the next generation of food industry professionals.  Providing awareness of careers available, a hub of information & communication, training and skill development while connecting employers with candidates to get them hired.

Will You Join The FoodGrads Tribe?

Your feedback and support is vital. Go ahead and join FoodGrads today!

Please share this post to help us spread the word, this is the ONLY site for students and #FoodGrads across Canada, United States and the UK.

Students and grads, if you are reading this and are finding value in FoodGrads, share with your network please.  There’s so much more to come!

Our mission: To support the next generation of Food & Beverage Industry professionals. Our broader priority is to attract forward thinking, socially conscious people to pursue a career in food.

An exclusive community of ‘food’ minded professionals who collaborate and aspire to a healthier world.

Students/Grads: Create your FREE profile to ‘get found’ by employers, access skill development & training, advice from industry pros, apply to jobs to start your career and join a niche food & beverage community, the future of the food industry

Employers: Learn how a subscription to FoodGrads can benefit your organization, unlimited job posting, on-boarding program, branding, a small investment for a big future!

College/Universities: Learn how a subscription to FoodGrads can benefit you. Engage your students and bring attention to your programs.

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