Is it okay to be Impatient?

Starting a new job or a new business can really be an eye opener, you learn a lot about yourself, both good and badand it really allows for self-reflection.  None of us are perfect, but do we let ourselves off the hook for certain behaviours, justifying them to ourselves when they are unacceptable?  Or do we beat ourselves up unnecessarily?

Is there a fine line between passion and impatience?  Is one acceptable and the other not?

Passionstrong and barely controllable emotion.

I believe in our start-up, I love the concept of helping students and new grads, I love sharing stories and being a support system.  It’s very nurturing and that definitely fits my personality, perhaps to a fault as I know this can possibly become controlling or overbearing, ouch!  I’m very motivated and passionate about FoodGrads, the food industry, my co-workers and wider network. I’ve blogged, tweeted and spoken to family, friends and colleagues until their eyes have glazed over, when you love something that’s just what you do, I don’t think you can help it.

But am I confusing passion with impatience?  Will this affect the business long term, will I make hasty decisions? Am I a pain in the neck to work with?  Is this something I need to address now?

Impatience – Having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked. “an impatient motorist blaring his horn” 


Restlessly eager.  “they are impatient for change”

Taking the first definition literally, I can tell you–and my family would attest–I rarely beep my horn (as we say in the UK) at anyone.  In fact, I cringe when I’m in the car with someone who does beep their horn out of impatience or frustration.  I’m always concerned that it might be a really good person who didn’t mean any harm and the horn just seems so aggressive, now that’s  just me, but I have beeped when someone literally doesn’t see me, as a kind of ‘Excuse me, I’m here’ it would be very inconvenient to crash! (did I mention I was British LOL).

I’ve practiced yoga for a few years now and feel very calm most of the time, always have been a calm person.  So have I absolved myself, I’m not impatient right?

The second definition; Restlessly eager.  Now that sounds familiar.  I admit I am restless for change and optimistic for the future of food.  We at FoodGrads are keen to support the Food Industry and attract people who share our vision and believe that change is necessary.  We want people to pursue careers in food who will influence and lead the next generation.  Positive changes in the food system regarding health, wellness and sustainability means we ALL win and so do our kids and their kids, and their kids, kids…..

It’s official, I am passionately impatient!

So, the tough questions I need your help with.  Being passionate is a good thing, we know that, but is impatience a good trait or something to be worked on?  Are you proud of being impatient, if so, why?  Do you work with someone who is and how do you deal with it?  Do you think impatience is needed to a certain degree to move things forward?  I would love to hear your thoughts especially as Millennials are described as impatient–raised in a world of instant gratification–so is impatience a good thing?

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