I just Graduated in Culinary Nutrition Management….

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I just graduated in Culinary Nutrition Management, I do not want to work in an industrial large quantity kitchen, but I would still like to pursue a career within the culinary field. Do you have any suggestions?  Perhaps the recipe development field? (For example, test kitchens/magazines, etc.)”

Feedback from the Food & Beverage FoodGrads Community;

  • Most big food companies have a kitchen within their R&D group where they try or develop different cooking methods, different recipes and formulations. He/she might be interested in applying for this type of job
  • Lots of manufacturers and retail grocers look for product developers with culinary education but also look for a few years of kitchen work experience/ a red seal. A Food Science background is also important and can be obtained through various certificate/ degree programs or by working towards the Certified Research Chef certification. Any recipe development/test kitchen role will also require the kitchen work experience and possibly experience working in a food manufacturing plant- depending on the position.
  • Private retirement homes, senior living , some hospitals (those that still have a kitchen) would also be an opportunity.
  • The intersection between culinary arts and nutrition is really unique. Health focused companies would really benefit from that type of training. Companies that claim health benefits absolutely need someone with both food and nutrition science knowledge. We have a registered dietitian on our team who runs our certifications program – she manages the applications and status. She also assists our sales and marketing group when they are interested in addressing potential Health claims of our products I crossed from nutrition into culinary by working as a label creator and then recipe commercialization manager. If you know how to use ESHA Genesis or comparable programs, you’ll be so helpful.
  • Why not pursue a career in foodservice related food safety auditing for hotels, restaurants & catering / institutional?
  • It’s possible to find R&D positions at smaller firms that are growing.
  • Hospitality, hotel management, and definitely food service
  • I suggest they look at a Culinology degree program to see about getting a second BS to help them move into the R&D world.

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