I’m Trying to Get a Position in Food R&D / Product Development

Hey Team FoodGrads!

I am a recent graduate with a Masters degree in Food Technology. I have been trying to get a position in Food R&D by networking, interviewing and doing everything I can.

However, the only positions I hear back from are in Quality. On one hand, I know I shouldn’t be picky, on the other hand I don’t wish to start my career in a field that doesn’t align with my goals.

Should I stick with my ambitions in R&D, or take a position in Quality and move later?

Feedback from the Food & Beverage FoodGrads Community;

  • QA is a good place to start to gain experience, then build from that by developing positive working relationships with R&D. Careers take time to build.
  • I agree that QA is a good place to start. I started in QA and got promoted to R&D. Another option would be to apply for a mat leave position if you can, might be a short time but it does give you good experience.
  • I started in QA but always felt that my passion was more in the development side. I eventually found my way into a PD role and feel better equipped with my background in QA. Working in QA allows you to interact with many facets of the business and is not the be all and end all of your career. Technical expertise is always an incredible asset!
  • I believe getting a job in QA/QC first is a great first step in the industry. Unless you have a lot of experience or research under your belt, it is very rare you would get a job into R&D fresh out of college. I did an internship in QA/QC for 9 months and then was promoted to an R&D position right after.

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