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FoodGrads explores a variety of different topics from a variety of different authors. Many of these topics fall into multiple categories but we tried to find the section that describes it best.

Are you looking to start a career in the Food & Beverage Industry?


Food and Beverage Career Questions

The 6 Most Popular Questions Asked By Students & New Grads

How Can I Find a Food Stylist Position?

The Most Popular Question Asked By New Grads

I have a PhD in Food Science, What Are My Career Options?

Educational Debt. Is It Necessary?

Your Job Board Sucks! There’s NO Jobs 🙁

I Just Graduated, What’s The Best Advice For Negotiating My Salary?

Does Having a Master’s Degree Make a Difference?

Should I Take Food Science or Nutrition?

Getting a Job in Quality Assurance & Food Safety

I’m interested in a Career in Regulatory Affairs & Food Labelling

I’m graduating with BSc Nutrition & Dietetics, what are my options in the Food & Beverage Industry?

I’m taking Biology, what are my options in the Food Industry…..

I’m Trying to Get a Position in Food R&D / Product Development

I just Graduated in Culinary Nutrition Management….

Is a Gap Year a good idea?

Spotlight on Food Jobs

Illana Shapiro- Food Technologist

Lance Olson- Plant Manager

Rebecca Mackenzie- Executive Director

Adam Carswell-  Food Safety Program Manager

Tammy Lomond- Director of Nutrition and Professional Services

Emily Munday- Culinoloist/Nutritionist

Phillip Pavlov- Senior Product Manager

Sasha Teska- Senior Manager

Jessica Taylor- Senior Analyst, Food & Food Systems

Ron Lecky- Operations Training Leader

Lori Fischer- Director Marketing Innovation

Jennifer Gooch- Quality Technologist

Dave Shumka- Plant Manager

Julie- Process Technologist

Sue Gervase – Manufacturers Rep/Broker/Consultant

Michael May Director of Operations at Nutra Services loves his job


Ojai Commodity Consultants

Chef Gigi Gaggero, Founder 

Marina Chan, Culinary Talent Recruiter (Facebook)

Taylor McNerney (nee Harris), Marketing Manager

Nicole Gallace, Food Industry Partner

Resume Help

True Or False? Do I Need These Things On My Resume?

4 Tips For Formatting Your Resume For Easy Reading

Resume Tips for Food Grads

Job Search/Career Advice

I’ve Had Enough, I’m Ready to Quit My Job Search!

4 Easy Steps to Getting a Job as a New Grad

Musings From a Newbie Food Scientist

Best Advice for Newcomers to Canada

Entering the Culinary World of Baking

You Don’t Have To Settle (4 Lessons to Learn)

Food Science Vs Nutrition

Start Networking Now, While You’re Still At School!

Job Hopping is a Great Idea!

How To Be Super Outgoing & Confident

It’s Okay To Be Confused When You First Start College (Part 2)

It’s Okay To Be Confused When You First Start College

3 Questions to Ask Yourself During Your First Job Search

How To Write a Great Work Email

Students: 11 Reasons to Join FoodGrads!

Where to Get the Best Work Experience

How to Get a Full-Time Job from an Internship

4 Tips to Get into the Food Industry with No Experience

So you’re an Engineer, but you want to work in food…

You MUST take THIS first step to start your career!

You’re Not the Only One: Thriving in the Face of Impostor Syndrome

Soft Skills, Transferable Skills, Technical Skills….Confused?

Food Industry Jobs: What Do the Titles Mean?

Job Hunt: Apply!

How To Hustle An Internship in College

The Job Hunt: Networking

The Job Hunt: Planning Ahead

Nervous to Network? 4 Steps to Take Before The Event

Explaining Co-ops, Internships (& Mini-Internships)

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Best Job Search Advice from FoodGrads

15 Stress-Busting Jobs to Kickstart Your Career

How to Avoid Bad Career Decisions

Do you have Impostor Syndrome?

Benefits of a Personal Website

Developing new habits to improve your future

No Relevant Experience? No Problem

Food Industry Internships

The Importance of a Mentor to your Career

How to Job Search Using Social Media

How Can A Recruiter Help Me?

Career Advice From 3 Food Scientists

Food Employers’ Top 3 Tips To Landing Your First Job

5 Reasons Why, and Why Not, to Work for a Large Company

4 Tips for Perfecting Your Public Speaking

Job Searching Advice – Round Up

Is it okay to be Impatient?

Attention New Grads: 5 Things You Must Do Before You Graduate

Cooking and the Brain

Job Descriptions Overhaul?

Make Your Own Well Being a Priority

There is No Such Thing as ‘Over-Communication’

Behaving with Integrity

Find the Pony

Find a Job or Industry you LOVE!

Fail to Succeed

My First Job and the Importance of Perseverance

6 Tips From a Young Food Professional

Job Fairs

A Food Recruiter Speaks  Part 2

A Food Recruiter Speaks Part 1

Our Story

How I Became a FoodGrads Campus Ambassador & Landed My First Job!

My Story: Biotechnology Student to Food Pro!

You Think You Know Me From My Name?

How I Got Hired as a High School Intern at Whole Foods Market

From Concept to Career- Part 3 of 3

From Concept to Carer – Part 2 of 3

From Concept to Career

I Wish I’d Had More Help Choosing My Career

What Do You Do With An Idea?

Interning at Gay Lea Foods

Job Wanted: Trang’s Story (2 of 2)

Job Wanted: Trang’s Story (1 of 2)

Blogging: Why you should share your story

An Open Letter to All the Top Chefs

Students and New Graduates, Love Food? Join FoodGrads!

The Future of Food

FoodGrads – Why you are important! By Wayne Slater, co-author, Food Traceability for Dummies

Grateful to old and new friends

Food Safety

Food Safety and Quality Assurance Phylogenetic Tree

Get Inspired By These Food Disruptors, The Food Pros of Tomorrow!

Introducing – The World of Food Quality, with Austin Bouck

The Top 2 Reasons People Get Sick Because of The Food Industry

Traceability, Not Just a Buzzword

Go Ahead, Eat Food Off the Kitchen Floor!

Introducing Food Safety Snippets!

The Food Tech Club

Soil-Less Farming at Home: Zero Food Miles

Food Irradiation. What is it? Is it Safe?

Bakery Industry in India

Follow Nature’s Cycle, It Helps Us Stay Healthy & Wealthy!

8 Facts About Food Careers

8 Facts About Technical Sales Representatives

8 Facts About Account Managers

8 Facts About Food Auditors

8 Facts About Production Managers

8 Facts About Regulatory Specialists

8 Facts About Research Chefs

8 Facts About Food Stylists

8 Facts About Food Purchasers or Buyers

8 Facts About Logistics Managers

8 Facts About Millwright Mechanics

8 Facts About Restaurant Managers

8 Facts About Cheese Makers

8 Facts About Quality Assurance Technicians

8 Facts About Packaging Engineers

8 Facts About Food Marketers

8 Facts About Being A Flavourist

8 Facts About Shippers/Receivers

8 Facts About Machine Operators

8 Facts About Sanitation Workers

8 Facts About Farmers Market Managers

8 Facts About Butchers

8 Facts About Director of Operations

8 Facts About Brand Managers

8 Facts About Sous-Chefs

8 Facts About Chocolatiers

8 Facts About Caterers

8 Facts About Food Labelling Specialists

8 Facts About Plant Controllers

8 Facts About Wine Makers

8 Facts About Warehouse Associates

8 Facts About Customer Service Representatives

8 Facts About Category Managers

8 Facts About Bakers

8 Facts About Health and Safety Managers

8 Facts About Continuous Improvement Managers

My Food Job Rocks

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Become a Food Scientist

Career Playlist

What Interviewing Seven Food Science Graduate Students Taught Me

E11: Marshall Bell on Design, Innovation & Product Development

E.10 Pete Mockaitis – Being Awesome At Your Job

Ep9: Kaz Matsune on Authorship and Breakthrough Sushi

Ep8: Simran Sethi, Author & Journalist of Bread, Wine, Chocolate

E7: Isabel Hoffmann, CEO @ Tellspec on Food Safety & Spectroscopy

E6: R&D Chef Allan E. Williams on Product Development & Lobsters

E5: Heather McCain on Sensory Analysis, Lettuce & Leadership

E4: Will Thorburn, Dir. of Coffee @ Balzacs on Baristas, Beans & Roasting

E3: Matt Aaron – Entrepreneur & Food Start Ups Podcast Host

E2: Bob Russell @ Collective Arts Craft Brewing on Beers, Brands & Mentors

Ep. 017 – Why Phil believes in the RCA, with Philip Saneski, President of the RCA Student Committee

Why Your Story Matters

Ep. 016- Being on TV and Food Media with Julie Miguel from Daily Tiramisu (and others)

Ep. 015 – Choosing Between Work and Graduate School with Katie Lanfranki, R+D Technologist at South Coast Baking

Ep. 014 – Professor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist with Dr. Tom Neuhaus, Owner of Mama Ganache Chocolates (and more)

Ep. 013 – Bakers Dozen with Adam Yee, Product Developer from Isagenix

Ep. 012 – On Being a Research Chef with Kimberly Schaub, Innovation Manager at Lundberg Family Farms

Ep. 011 – Cooking and Science with Andrea Zeng, Food Technologist from Lundberg Family Farms

9 Great Podcasts for Food Grads

Ep. 010 – My First Food Job Search

Ep. 009 – Selling Solutions with Kyle Failla, Sales Manager at Glanbia

Ep. 008 – Food Writing with Eve Turow Paul, Author of Generation Yum

Ep. 007 – Making an Impact with Jeffrey Nguyen, Supply Chain Engineer at Gatorade

Ep. 006 – Achieving World Peace with Dr. Howard Moskowitz, CSO of Mind Genomics (and more)

Ep. 005 – What is Food Science?

Ep. 004 – Butter Makes Everything Better with Taryn Yee, Food Technologist from Safeway/Albertsons

Ep. 003 – Being a Food Mercenary with Brian Chau, Food Technologist from the Helmsman Group

Ep. 002 – Talking Chocolate with Trevor, Production Supervisor at Dandelion Chocolate

Ep. 000 – Introducing My Food Job Rocks podcast

My Food Job Rocks

Non-Fiction Grads!

Product Development Competitions: Steps to Success

Why You Should be Attending Food Shows & Expos

What is a Professional Master’s in Food Science?

Scientists Need To Be Better Communicators!

How the Food Industry is Changing: A Student Perspective

Navigating Digital Networking as a Student

From Chemistry to Food Science: Why we made the move – Maybe you should too!

Inside the Industry

Why the Dietetic Path is a Beast to Climb

What I Learned at My First Job After College

My Dream Was To Become a Registered Dietitian

Thinking About a Career in Sales or Just Started?

10 Steps: Crossing Over From Chef to Product Developer

Looking For a Part-Time Job While You’re Still at School?

3 Celebrities Who are Changing the Food Industry and One Who is Changing the World

3 Things Vegan Food Grads Should Avoid When Entering the Food Industry

Do We Ever Really Know (For Sure) What We Want To Do?

2 Pieces of Advice for Food Start-Ups

Corporate Food Values

Are You Ready to Start Your Career?

Confessions of a Food Scientist: What exactly happened?

Planning on Becoming a Rock Star Chef?

Jumpstart Your Career in Food & Beverage

Leaders Paying It Forward

Incredible Start-Up Story: Kosha Foods

Top 5 Food Trends from Google Food Trends Report

Will 3D Printing Revolutionize the Food Industry?

Ontario Food & Beverage Processing Sector

Job Titles

We discuss Corporate Dining with Marina at Facebook

Big Food Needs Leaders with Passion, Curiosity & Progressive Values.

Certified Culinary Scientist ® Examination Prep Program

What’s Up with Self Awareness

Food Processing Industry: Time for Change is Now

What ‘Food Revolution’ Means to Me

Why Choose a career in food?

Proud To Be a #FoodGrad

Saving the world is…complicated, and what small role will you play?

What I Took Away from #CIFST18

From Health Care to Food Safety: Why I Love What I Study

My Experience at Centennial College

How My Career Path Chose Me!

I Need to Know More About The Food Industry Before I Can Commit

How I Became A Campus Ambassador For The Food Industry!

Don’t Be Shy Grads!

A Very Cute Potato Story

My Ticket to The World

We’d Like Some Respect. No, In Fact We Demand It!

Becoming a Food Scientist Surrounded by ‘Fake News’!

Don’t Become a Food Scientist if You Don’t Like to Talk!

Confessions of a Food Scientist: What exactly happened?

The BEST Career Path, Hands Down!

My Big Fat Food Media Diet

Student Blogs: Food & Beverage

Dreams, Sensory Science & Cake

The Perfect Complement to Your University Experience

My Path to Beer Brewing

“So, What Exactly Do You Do?”

Why I chose Food Science as a Career, and Why I Love It!

Food Grads Recipe Corner

Tasty Pastry

Hungry? Food ‘Fixes’ For Students

Bell Peppers: Stuffed Many Ways!

Instant Microwave Cake and Toppings

8 Food Essentials Every Student Needs


Mushroom Marinara


Healthy Pita-Bread Pizza


Proper Agriculture Practices- 10 Principles of Food Sustainability

Safe and Nutritious Food – 10 Principles of Food Sustainability

The 10 Principles of Food Industry Sustainability

Sustainability in the Food and Beverage Industry

Food Employers

The case for Co-op and Internships for students in food

How To Find a Food Company That’s Changing the World

Food Science Jobs in a Budding Industry

Government Funding for Food Businesses: Part3- Developing Applications

Government Funding for Food Businesses: Part 2- Planning for Success

An Inspiring Tale of a Food Business That Lives It’s Values

Government Funding for Food Businesses: Part 1 – Understanding Grants and Loans

Innovating Food with Post-Secondary Institutions

Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Recent Graduate in the Food & Beverage Industry

7 Ways FoodGrads Can Help Your Students

How to Find Maintenance Workers in Food Manufacturing

Hiring Students & Grads is BIG Business

Look for this ONE thing next time you eat at your favorite restaurant!

“Go Find The People You Wanna Be!”

Time To Re-Think Your Hiring Methods?

Tell Us What You Think….

A Taste of Whats To Come

Why YOU should attend SIAL Toronto

Clean Label Development: A Young Product Developer’s Take…

Starting a Food Business?

How To Attract Millennials

The Reason Small Companies Work For Grads!

The Best Advice for Employers in the Food & Beverage Industry

On the Challenges Facing the Food Industry in Recruitment

Evolution and Innovation in the Food Sector

A Challenge For Food & Beverage Innovators

Food Movement  

First Jobs’ of 14 Most Influential People in Food

A New Way to Learn About Careers in Food & Beverage!

Move Over Celebrity Chefs, Like It Or Not, Food Grads Are The New Rock Stars!

The Eggplant That Changed My Life

Steps to Success: A ‘Sweet’ Start-Up Story

Food is a Sexy Industry!

Schools Out; Time To Hit The Farm?

Amazon and Whole Foods…It’s All Good!?!

And The Winner is….

The Power Of Food Businesses To Do Good

I’m a Food Scientist, No One In The Food Industry Is Trying To Kill You!

Big Food: Bad Guys?

A Necessary Platform for the Food & Beverage Industry

Jamie Oliver Needs You – Food Revolution Day

Taste Your Future

Students & Recent Grads, You REALLY Don’t Want To Miss This!

For Immediate Release! Exciting News in Food + Beverage

Fun Facts from #Taste Your Future!