Make Your Own Well Being a Priority

This blog is intended to highlight the importance of investing in your well-being.

I am not bragging….

I spent the better part of my career managing a very big job, leading a team of other professionals, continually working on my own professional development outside of business hours, navigating my role as it related to being a private company, then a subsidiary of a U.S. public company, then being a U.S. public company and finally a Canadian public company.  (You might’ve heard of a little organization called Tim Hortons 😉 )

I was continually on a HUGE learning curve. Can you image working for an incredible entrepreneur (Ron V. Joyce) and then entering the world of being a public company?

During this professional journey, I was raising my two children with their Dad.  We were all active in our own sports AND we spent every weekend away from home in the winter.

For some, this would be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. And sometimes it was.

So how did I manage and thrive?

I committed to investing in myself, to keep from becoming overwhelmed. I worked out almost every single day.  I either went for a run before work, or I worked out at lunch and/or after work. And I kept a list of priorities: Work and personal stuff.

I updated the list every day and I encouraged my team to do the same. It is truly amazing to realize how investing 60 – 75 minutes of your day working your body can cleanse and organize your thoughts, keep your body and immune system strong, and improve your productivity. Think about it… 5% of your day invested in yourself – this is totally manageable.

Today, as a yoga teacher, I often say…”If you can learn to breath on your mat, you can learn to breath through any situation in life.” This much I know for sure!!!

Author: Michelle Preyde.


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