Schools Out; Time To Hit The Farm?

Its the last day of school today.  Happy kids and teachers will be pouring out of school later today eager to start their summer vacation.

I heard an interesting fact the other day and it got me thinking.  Did you know the roots of the school schedule–in other words–the reason kids get a long break during the summer rests in our agricultural heritage.  Families required their children’s labour in the summer to pick fruit and farm the land.

Farm The Land

Yes, you heard right.  It has nothing to do with recharging the batteries ready for next year but everything to do with the need to support the family business.  So, it goes to show just how many families relied on farming as a means of income.  How times have changed!

Trends in employment have moved away from farming and manufacturing, so the working day has moved away from a sunrise start to milk the cows and a mid-afternoon finish. But is this what the next generation of work force really want?

Are Millennials more in touch with their heritage?

Perhaps the daily routines and working hours are in our DNA and that is why there has been such a shift towards flextime and away from the standard 9-5 model.  There’s a feeling of dissatisfaction and this could be because putting in a days work and seeing the ‘fruits of your labour’ are instinctive and that feeling of accomplishment doesn’t come from many of the jobs available today.  We never feel like the end of the day has come, because there is always more to do and a phone buzzing to remind us of it.

Perhaps Millennials are not demanding change from an entitled “I want everything my way” attitude but from a natural urge, a subconscious understanding of when they are more productive and are searching for that feeling of achievement. Perhaps farming gives what comes naturally to them?  What do you think?

Careers in Agriculture

There is no doubt that the traditional jobs we think of , when we think of farming and agriculture have changed as much as the need for kids to have the summer off to work the land!

Farming is not all about throwing on a pair of wellington boots, overalls and milking cows, with advancements in innovation and technology, jobs in agriculture have changed.  With a growing population and projections of a global population reaching 9.6 Billion by 2050, this is a sector that needs young people to pursue education and careers.  Its vital that we have a skilled labour force, ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Not sure what career to pursue?  Take a look at Agri-Food, its a growing sector!

I would love to hear your thoughts as you hum Alice Cooper’s (Schools Out) classic today.  Do you think farming is in our DNA?

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