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There is a need for qualified and skilled workers for all occupations in all sectors of the Food & Beverage Industry.  By 2050 the global population will be 9.6 Billion, that’s a lot of mouths to feed and pressure on the entire supply chain from farm to fork!

In Ontario alone research that resulted in a government funded program–Taste Your Future–concluded that by 2020 there will be 60,000 new jobs created.  With annual revenues exceeding $40 Billion, the industry adds more than $11 Billion to Ontario’s GDP.  Where other manufacturing sectors suffered over the past 5 years, Ontario’s Food & Beverage processing industry experienced growth, furthermore, the demand for new hires straight out of university/college is expected to increase by 10-20%.

In short, we need more young people to pursue careers in Food & Beverage, so how do we attract them?  The students and grads currently enrolled in food related programs have a very unique voice.  Not only can they speak to the school or program specifically, but they have the passion to make a difference for the greater good.  The majority who have decided to work in the food industry aren’t just looking for a job, they are looking for purpose in life, and the Food Movement is calling.

Young People Listen & Learn from their Peers

The reason I have decided to pursue a job in the food industry is due to the connection food has with everyone. Food has this ability to create happiness and bring people together.  My love for food science was inspired by Alton Brown who looks at the science in the kitchen. I have always loved science so it seemed like the perfect direction to work towards. There are so many potential professions in food and beverage industry. It almost feels limitless. It is exciting to think that one day I could walk in to a grocery store and purchase a product which I helped to develop. – Veronica Hislop

Veronica is one of our FoodGrads Career Partners, she will speak about herself and career aspirations in the hopes of encouraging someone about to start university to think about a career in food. If you are proud of your accomplishments and enthusiastic about the industry why not represent your school?  Interested to learn more? Get in touch.  


The FoodGrads blog already features stories from Students & Grads–under the ‘Hear from your Peers’ category–but we’d like more!  We are looking to create a hub of inspiring personal accounts and experiences.  We value the contributions, so a well written sponsored blog means we can pay the blogger.

Sponsor a Student Blog

  • We pay the blogger–they can buy groceries for the week (maybe beer, but who’s judging!)
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Please share this post to generate some interest!  Students and Grads, get those creative juices flowing.  Blogs are typically 600-800 words long, but we are flexible.  As long as its genuine, honest and compelling that’s all that matters. Can’t wait to share them!

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